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Hi all, need some advice on recent blood results please

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos last October by Endo at the QE having suffered from Hypo for over ten years.

I was advised to take 100mcg of Thyroxin to start with as like many I have palpitations etc, went back in March to see how this dosage has had any effect and received letter from hospital this morning stating SERUM TSH WAS GREATER THAN 99.9mU/L (sorry no ranges given) Serum free T4 of 4.1pmol/L (again no ranges).

My thyroxin dosage has been upped to 150mcg which I will start today.

Any advice is very welcome :)

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Please please could really do with some help on blood results!!!!


Even without ranges that's a terrible result! How do you feel?


Really poorly :(

My GP has started me on Dexamethsone as my muscles have cramped so much I can't walk or function, also got all the other lovely symtoms so hashes

I don't see my Endo until July so I'm hoping the increase in Levo will help in the interim.

I'm not sure how bad my free T4 is, do you?

Thank you for your response I'm really grateful.


The range on my free t4 is 10-22, and when my result was 13 I was really ill, so I'm not surprised you feel so poorly. I'm no expert in such awful results, but I don't think you should be waiting til July. Can you get your GP to call the endo for advice?


That's a good idea HarryE thank you even though to be honest id struggle to get to an appointment at the moment but it's worth an ask. I'm sorry you have felt/ feeling really poorly too. Thyroid disease sucks!!!!!!!!!!


It does, I agree! Hope you get something sorted, I don't think that dose is going to be enough to help much, certainly not til July!

Just for future reference, if you click on the yellow 'reply to this' button the person you are replying to will get a notification. Otherwise they might miss a response or further question.


Once again thank you for your constant replies and helpful advice :)


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