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New to Glasgow, Looking for help to find an Endocrinologist that can prescribe T3

Hello Looking for help to find an Endocrinologist in Glasgow/ Edinburgh will pay private if needed be, I have just moved from the USA and have been on T4/T3 medication for 3years. I have just been told that I would have to go private to continue receiving this medication. Before I pay for a consultation would be great to find a Doctor that already prescribes (believes in this medication) as it seems to be an uphill battle to have this prescribed. This medication has changed my health significantly and don't want to go back to being unhealthy.

Thanks you, I would very much appreciate any suggestions.

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Email for a list - dionne.fulcher@thyroiduk.org




Do we use this new email address instead of Louise.......


Yes please Shaws - takes a job off of me! :D x


That's good.



Should requests for the Pulse article go to Dionne too?


That would be nice! :D Thanks! X

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Hi Safk1,

I'm sure by now you have been sorted with your search T3 treatment or at least I hope as much.

A Scottish Parliament petition has been lodged by 3 women PE01463: Effective thyroid and adrenal, testing, diagnosis and treatment. Interesting reading and the YouTube link to the start of their impassioned petition "Scottish Parliament Meeting: Affective Thyroid and Adrenal care" linked by "Thyroid Sexy".

I'm on T4 and feel rotten with worsening symptoms.

I paid for private DIO2 gene tests recently through Regenerus Labs which indicates I'm a poor converter of T4 to T3, Heterozygous Variant. GP indicated that I probably needed T3 but they couldn't prescribed it. T3 prescription is only through an Endocrinologist.

I got my endocrinologist appointment through so I'm hopeful.

Hoping you are sorted with T4/T3

Thyroid Power💥


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