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Newbie question on thyroid antibodies


Due to symptoms of tiredness, sore joints, weight gain and dryness, I requested doctor do some blood tests. Today I asked for the results, TSH 4.6, then a month later 4.25, with normal range saying 2.2. So doc said borderline results retest in 3 months. Also my thyroid antibody was just outside the normal range too.

Doc wouldn't give me any other results (I was not quick enough reading computer screen!)

Can you give me advice / information please for when I go back for my next test.

Thank you

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Ask your GP's receptionist for a print out of your results then post them back up with the figures in the brackets so to people with good knowledge on this site can read them. The brackets show the ranges used by the labs which vary.


I did, the receptionist said I had to speak to the GP, she couldn't just give me the results!!!! When I was with GP they pointed at the screen showing me what I have posted, I saw other results but did not get a chance to see for long enough. So all I know is what I have posted sadly


You have a right to see them. Firstly speak to the practice again and request a copy of them. If they give you the same answer then tell them to ask your GP's permission if they get funny ask for a telephone appointment with your GP to request them. If they refuse you can ask for a SAR - This is known as a Subject Access Request (SAR), as set out by the Data Protection Act of 1998. You can fill this in and usually within 21 days they will allow you access.


You need to educate your GP practice.You have a legal right to the results.So take. pen and paper and copy them from. the screen .That should take long enough for them to see the wisdom of printing them out.


Unfortunately I don't live in the UK! So getting results is not so easy.

Is the information I do have no use????


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