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Giving Turmeric Golden Paste a go! Anyone tried it and can attest to its benefits?

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Got the recipe from a Facebook group.

Made 2 batches tonight to last me a while!

I’ll do anything at this point to help thyroid aches and pains!

Anyone tried?

***Important to include the Black Pepper and oil for dissolving and absorption purposes to anyone who might want to try!

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Your best bet is to join Doug English's Facebook group Turmeric User Group. He is a vet, but there are plenty of people using it on humans in that group. His recipe is a lot clearer tham what you've posted, too. Works on my damaged hand. Can't see what it would do for thyroid except perhaps reduce inflammation if you have Hashis. The group also explains what meds don't play well with turmeric. Levo and T3 are OK.

I made it last night. Recipe was really straight forward to follow from the pic to be honest but not tried as yet.

I’m hoping it helps with thyroid achiness all over (I do have hashi’s) x

Never tried the recipe but have been taking turmeric capsules for a few months for inflammation and the results are visible reduction in my knees, I can see and feel my kneecaps again :) and last blood test CRP had dropped from 11 to 5.5 :)

I use organic turmeric powder in soups, stews even baked beans in fact I had some for lunch today.

I've been using it for a while now, tho make it from the organic root rather than the powder (use the gloves from dying my hair or my hands look worse than a chain-smokers!) It has enabled me to walk upstairs again, in fact my knees are completely pain free now, and my cousin also swears by it. I add it to food, or to almond milk for a hot drink at night. Enjoy!

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