Has anyone tried zest4life in a bid to lose weight? Are they thyroid friendly?

I've just signed up for a free trial and been to my first meeting. Although I had to fill in a detailed questionnaire and I stated that I felt the barriers to my losing weight were hypothyroidism and high cortisol levels, I am not convinced that either of the group leaders has any idea what this actually means.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has tried this plan and actually lost weight.

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  • Info about the 'free trial' that Ansteynomad mentions can be found here:


  • Ah right - I didn't realise it was on the website - we had a card through the door and DH thought it would be a good idea for me.

  • Hi Weight is normally due to low FT3. Make sure you have a TSH, T4 and Free T3 test. T4 normally best in top third of range and Free T3 near the top. common to need Levo ( T4) and T3 on a script to be well. Always have a print out from receptionist, with ranges, all different. If GP not williing use a well known on line company, you need the 3 together.

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  • Thanks Jackie. I am now trying to shed the three stone I put on while on T3 only, so I doubt it is due to low T3 in my case. I think high cortisol is more likely to be the culprit.

    I am doing quite nicely on my own, but I signed up for this out of curiosity ( and because it’s free) and I wondered if any members had experience of this plan.

  • Oh I see, that is different. What does your Endo think? Weight is also their field.Mine always says the Diabetic diet is best for loosing weight, I am underweight, as my consultants keep telling me, but that is for different reasons. It would be also worth having a diabetic test, if not had one. Diabetes 2 is autoimmune and hormonal similar symptoms to thyroid disease.

    Best wishes,


    Best wishes,


  • I am not diabetic. I have been tested regularly and my blood glucose is always spot on. I am also no longer under an endo. After 4 years and 14 appointments I was discharged with a letter saying there was no endocrine reason for my symptoms and a recommendation to my GP that he put me on T3! They had tested me for Cushings, but when that came back negative my high cortisol was no longer of any interest to them!

    I’m on levo from the GP now and figuring things out on my own.

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