info on uldn

How canI get info on ULDN I want to talk to my doc about it! Where can I find it?

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not LDN! I want info on ULDN!

Isn't that just a lower dose? "The key is finding the dosage sweet spot where LDN is able to calm the glial cells, but not knock the opiates off their receptors. That sweet spot seems to be around 0.5–1mg, called ultra-low-dose naltrexone (usual low-dose naltrexone is 3–4.5mg)"

Sorry thought it was a Typo 😊 If you wish people to be alerted to your reply please CLICK onto the Green Reply Button.

Thank you ...


If you use abbreviations, please make sure people understand them. For example, spell out the term first time you use it in a post.

I do not know what you mean by ULDN and I suspect many others are in the same boat.

That was my questionI wanted to know about ULDN That is how I found it on this site. No explanation! But someone just explained what it means and how it is used, You know what LDN means, with U in front. thats what I was looking for!


Trouble is, there are ever so many abbreviations which do not work at all like that.

I suggest, for simple example, ED and TED.

Without even saying you had found it on a two-year-old post here, I was left guessing.

ULDN is Ultra Low Dose Naltrexone. It isn't terribly useful going to the LDN Research Trust, or its FB group as they aren't supportive of ultra low dosing, and in fact reference to ULDN in the group often results in a thread being summarily closed; but there is more support for it in the other LDN group Got Endorphins ..., whilst there's also a specific group NOPE ... that advises on ULDN with especial reference to coming off opiates, but also more generally.

Thank you so much, that’s exactally what I was looking for! I’m being treated for chronic pain for about 6 autoimmune diseases, and Three of them cause me unbelievable pain non stop! What I take only takes the edge off but without that edge, I couldn’t even function at all! but I

feel if there is a way my doctor could help me cut down slowly on ULDN maybe I can be free of this medication, and successfully move on to LDN! I started researching LDN many years ago, but it wasn’t as openly discussed as it is now, but I always knew wanted to be on it!

Thank you No more T3!

I will find it difficult to get off pain meds as I have Hashimoto’s, Fibromyalgia, osteoarteritis, COPD, three torn rotor cuffs(one shoulder injured twice) and a fall downstairs that injured my right hip, which I didn’t think serious at the time, but a few months later had me not being able to put my right foot on the ground without it shooting a painful nerve from my foot up to my knee, hip, groin and lower back and after going for therapy,

my chiropractor, and more therapy, and

because of the pain not lessening, telling me no sense of going through the Chiro.

if it isn’t showing any reduction in my pain. But many months later finding my right leg 1”1/4 “ shorter than my left And if my Chiro. had kept up the treatments, I don’t believe this would have happened!

I have read that if my doc works with me on ULDN, there is a chance I can get off my meds slowly and eventually on LDN!

That’s what I’m hoping for! I researched this way back, I think it was in the 80’s or 90’s, not much was known then, but I was so impressed and thought it was wonderful!

If anyone has gone thru that particular treatment and succeded, please let me know!


I never said I found it on a two year old post here. I only found it about 3 weeks ago on these posts here!?


Sorry but I could not find it anywhere except in your posts and one two-year-old thread. However, the search function is not wonderful.

I researched LDN in the 80’s or 90’’s ann put my papers away at the time, as my pain wasn ‘t chronic at that time and no fibromyalgia theneither. I’m 84 now, so long looking back. I had other things to do when I was younger! I only started looking at LDN recently on many different web sites, then took it to my doctor 2 months ago! He had never heard about it! I don’t know why I had never seen it on line before, maybe because I hadn’t seen this or some other progressive websites until this year! Just thinking, I didn’t own a computer when I researched it originally. I used to read a lot and can’t remember where I first found it! I have to look that up! When you get old like me, things go so much slower. I’m thinking that I want to make stuffed peppers tomorrow, which would have been one of many things that I would be doing when younger, but now will be an all day affair! Tough to get old!

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