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Started Nature Thyroid today!

Saw a new GP yesterday and he agreed to start me on Nature Thyroid, half grain for 1 week and then one grain for 2 months and then get bloods done. Does anyone know how long it takes before I can expect to see an improvement in my severe symptoms of fatigue and brain fog? Thanks to everyone for all your support over the past year. Anna

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I felt better right away with t3 but if dose is kept too low you might feel worse than you did on levo.

Good luck!:)


Thanks so much for your advice Nugoori. I'm looking forward to seeing some positive results, Levo did nothing for me. Keep well. Anna 😊


are you in the UK? Wow, you must have a great GP!! A friend of mine self treats with N-T and swears by it. As she buys online the problem is it is out of stock everywhere.

I hope it works for you. Good luck!


Hi Kitten44. I'm in Ireland. He is a private GP. I was lucky to find out about him from a friend. Thank you for your good wishes and hope your friend continues to be well. Anna 😊


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