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Blood results showing strange readings according to my gp???

I had total thyroidectomy 4 years ago due to having Graves' disease, post op I was on 150mcg thyroxine but this was reduced to 100mcg 2years ago. I have also been diagnosed with pernicious anaemia & have a folate deficiency. 4 months ago I visited my doctor as I was feeling very tired, short of breath, fuzzy head, blurred vision, feeling cold & continually having the cold virus, she told me that I would/should be ok & sent me home, that night I took a dizzy turn & fell out the shower twisting my knee, fracturing my elbow & my head narrowly missing the toilet. 3 weeks ago I demanded my bloods to be checked as I had fallen again hitting same elbow & badly bruising my leg. Two days after having bloods done i received a call from doctor to tell me my thyroid results had came back with very strange readings and asked if I was taking my medication, obviously I am as I no longer have a thyroid & rely on it. He couldn't explain what he meant by strange readings & when i asked if this could explain my symptoms he denied it & told me to increase to 125mcg & have bloods checked again in 8 weeks. I phoned again to speak to a different doctor & demanded to be referred to specialist & she has agreed. Hoping referral is quick so he can sort me out!! Has anyone ever had blood results like this whilst taking their medication?

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Trouble is, Suzy, you have described things, but what you have not posted are your actual results!

Please would you get them (if you haven't yet done so), and post them. Please include the reference ranges.

Are you taking your thyroxine well away from food, drink (other than water), supplements and other medicines?

Has the make of your thyroxine changed over the time you have had these oddities?

Have you had a recent B12, or folate test?

Have you been checked for vitamin D?

You certainly sound hypothyroid. But results help to confirm. And 100mcg sounds quite a low dose for someone on full replacement.



ditto again :D


Hi Suzy - did you manage to get a print out of these 'strange' results? (& ranges). If you post them here folks can suggest help.

The fact that you have had a TT means you should be on full Thyroid hormone replacement, sometimes calculated by the patient's weight, many find T3 is a better after a TT (alternatives are T4/T3 combo or NDT perhaps?). Other things to consider are if you take your meds first thing with water away from food/milk etc. or some prefer an evening dose. Selenium also helps conversion to T3 - what your cells need for energy. (such as 3 brazil nuts daily).

I hope you have got the PA (B12 injections?) and folate sorted, ferritin too? also Vitamin D deficiency needs to be eliminated too. Well done for demanding a specialist, I hope you feel better soon. J :D


Problem is my gp has never given me my results & I did notice on this site everyone posting there's! I will chase this up.

B12 & folate were checked at the same time & he says are ok.

I have never been checked for vitamin D. Nothing has changed in way I take meds always with water @ 7am & don't eat till at least an hour or so later.

I take thyroxine & folate together as wasn't told otherwise, could this be a problem?

Colour of box for thyroxine has changed so could this be different manufacturer?


I get B12 injections though never been checked for ferritine or vitamin d deficiency.. I don't know a lot about it & putting trust in my doctor never asked any questions until now?


Hi received a copy of my results

Free t4 Value 22.2 Range 9.0-21

TSH Value 9.15 Range 0.20- 5.00

Hope this helps with my original question.


Hi Suzy

Might be an idea to post a new question with theese results - comments can get missed..


x :-)


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