I only got diagnosed 12 months ago that I had gum disease I've had deep cleaning a few times I've asked for them to do cosmetic work on my 2 front teeth but they refuse why didn't they treat me sooner if they knew I had this condition I'm furious I don't like to smile now for the camera as 1 looks yellow

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Do you know your VitD level ?

I'm in the same position, with a crown which has aged and needs replacing, but it was explained to me. With a compromised thyroid, you can develop infections in the mouth easier - you simply may not heal as quickly. Bacteria in the mouth is nasty and can lead to all kinds of problems - it can even attack your heart. So if you want the dentistry done you have to clear the gums first. Use a good toothpaste, clean and floss every day (twice?) and use a corsydol mouthwash (or salt and water mix) as it is antibacterial and will help. If you are struggling to clear it then go to the dentist and ask for a prescription for antibiotics. Once you have this under control, and a period of time has elapsed, they will do the cosmetic work.

VitD is anti-inflammatory so good for gums. Using Bi-carbonate of soda to clean teeth to remove plaque is effective.

Ingredients in mouth wash are harmful for the gut 😊 - have a read - if the print is large enough.... another ruse !!

You aren't suppose to swallow any mouth wash particularly these ones.

Anyway antibacterial mouthwashes aren't for long term use so aren't suitable for the OP. I noticed the manufacturers have taken of their old warning of not using it for more than 2 weeks.

Also bicarbonate of soda is harsh on the teeth and can wear enamel down making teeth more yellow as it exposes dentine.

Common sense required at every twist and turn 😊

Corsydol can make your teeth go a funny colour, so I prefer peroxide or a probiotic one I got from the US called Perioshield

Just a heads up that Corsodyl is expensive and many own brand mouthwashes with exact same ingredients and half if not quarter the price exist. Same with painkillers.

Have you investigated using a water pic?

I use a water pick. I have found that I can floss and gargle mouth wash repeatedly, but I can still smell the faint Odour of bacteria underneath the mintyness!

When using the water pick with antibacterial mouthwash added to the tank, the faint bad breath odour is totally gone - even hours later. I haven't yet been back to the hygienist to get a professional opinion, but it does seem to be doing a very good job.. Its probably worth investigating.

Vitamin D3/ K2, liposomal C, CoQ10 perhaps with PQQ. Low sugar diet. Oral Defense herbal rinse. Salt water gargling, nose wash to clear sinus infections. Low level laser.useful when the infection is in the bone. Coconut oil pulling. Biofilm disrupters such as serrapetase

It would be good to try to pinpoint what bacteria overload you’ve got and use a specific herbal to eradicate.

The water pic combined with Oral Defense herbal rinse might be useful?

Instead of spending money on and having the pain of deep cleans ask the dentist or hygienist what you personally should use to clean your teeth and when to do it.

Some dentists/hygienist don't volunteer information so ask them specific questions e.g. "I can't quite clean in-between my teeth. Should I use floss or an inter-dental toothbrush?" "When do I need to do it?"

For example I use interdental brushes instead of floss due to the size of the gaps in my teeth. Other people use electric flossers instead of normal floss.

I only need to use my interdental brush once a day but other people know they need to use their floss/flossers/brushes to stop food debris being trapped in their teeth so irritating their gums after every meal.

I also mainly use an electric toothbrush as it is easier than using a manual one. One of my friends now makes her children use them as they are older as they can't cheat when cleaning their teeth as they have timers on them.

You are paying for a service so ask them each time you go what you should try until your gums are healthy.

Coenzyme Q10 May Help. Diseased gums have a deficiency of CoQ10. ... Topical CoQ10 reduces the depths of pockets that have developed around the teeth and improve gum attachment to teeth. During a few clinical studies, CoQ10 supplements led to faster healing and tissue repair in patients with periodontal disease.

This is really interesting. Would love to know if anyone has tried this for this reason. If so i would like to try as i have periodontal disease and am hanging on to some very wobbly teeth at the moment.

when I was a practising herbalist , I recommended one of my patients who suffered from chronic gingivitis to try CO Q10 and she found it really helpful - mind you she was also using a herbal mouthwash that Id made for her as well :)

Thanks Alchemilla12. I wish my dentist had made some suggestions!!

You could try Neem or EM toothpaste to improve mouth flora.

My daughter always had lovely teeth she is 45, until that is she had a deep clean. Now she has problems and has had to have a tooth extracted and has another one with an infection.

I just take a spoonful of honey in the morning before I clean my teeth and try to swill it around it is antibacterial. I have no gum disease and I will not have my teeth deep cleaned. I am sorry for your distress.

what's the problem with a deep clean. I am ignorant about this. i have a dental hygeinist clean my teeth every 6 months and I thought it would keep my teeth really healthy....?? confused i will re read comments of others , pls advise

It brings all the nasties to the surface and gives them access to new areas. I suppose it's a bit like scratching an itchy patch of skin and not washing your hands and touching another area. It's ok as long as you have ammunition for a few days afterwards - such as taking probiotics and using a gentle but effective mouthwash.

Deep cleaning is much more invasive than the normal cleaning and it can cause bacteria to move around so much that it in itself causes more trouble than just leaving the teeth alone.

Proper cleaning regime at home is fine, bottle brushes, floss and good brushing is all good.

Coconut oil is excellent for teeth! Google it.

my daughter uses that

try OILpulling, and coenzyme Q10 wil lheal and tighten teeth in gums-- my friend had gum disease and got a water pic and thoroughly good ceaning flossing etc and expertt help youmay be combat this

I was going to suggest oil pulling. Coconut oil, again, is an excellent choice!

OilPulling with Oregano Essential Oil (antibacterial, antiviral, natures antibiotic!!) 1:4 ratio (1drop EO to 4 drops of carrier oil, coconut) is an effective method to treat any kind of oral infection, great remedy to maintain a healthy gums overall.

Clove EO is helpful with toothache, 1:4 ratio as well.

EO has to be a therapeutical grade though, suitable for ingesting !!!

Hope that helps

After diagnosis, did your dentist suggest any treatment or give you advice on what to do to halt the progression of gum disease?

During the 12 month since diagnosis when you visited the dentist or hygienist for deep cleaning, did you not ask about the state of your gums?

Were there signs such as bleeding gums, redness or pain that might have alerted you to the fact that you had an ongoing problem?

My bleeding gums improved once on K2

Hi there silverfox7,

Long time no see.Please tell me what k2 is and were I can get it

Many thanks.

Have you had your FT3 and FT4 TSH RT3 checked ? I found that when I'm under dosed my gums would bleed easily . Having my meds raised the bleeding would stop .

i tend to get bleeding gums when i haven't flossed or cleaned for a while... isn't that normal? when you get lazy and only floss occasionally.... I still clean my teeth twice daily with electric toothbrush but don't always take the time to carefully floss or use water pic as well.... my dental hygienist told me the other day that the best electric toothbrush is the SONAR, not the pulsating one which I currently use....Colgate do a good one apparently.

I personally do not trust advice on which brush or paste to use when given by dental staff as I am aware that whichever sales rep gave them the better incentive may well be the one they recommend.

Not true. Dental offices pay for the toothbrushes they provide as a service to patients. Same goes for floss or any other hygiene tools. Toothpaste comes in as samples and not paid for but needs to be requested from the manufacturer. It just doesn't arrive in the mail.

All the years I worked in dentistry there were never any incentives from reps to sell products. We either bought products or they were free samples.

Plain fizzy soda water gargled can help with a number of mouth issues - tonsil stones especially. There's a neem and tea tree mouth wash that is very effective and has kept mouth ulcers at bay after dental treatment.

I use aloe living toothpaste with propolis beat toothpaste I have used and not more gum problems. I think floride can damage teeth. Make sure you go to a mercury free dentist. the mercury in the air of most surgerys is enough to make you ill.

I use blotting brushes - no toothpaste. My gums have improved enormously since I've been using them. And I use the brush instead of floss which is hard on the gums.

My gums used to bleed when I didn't take enough vitamin C.

I’ve gone back to basics. Remember the tablet that made your mouth purple? I use one once a week. It highlights where I’ve not been thorough enough! I use the round head oral b toothbrush and oral b tooth paste. I also use the little brushes dipped in toothpaste to clean between. I’m now under the dental hospital for laser treatment trial, after years of deep cleans at the dentist due to my periodontal disease and after changing my routine I’m benefiting by gaining almost 4mm on my gum line. My front teeth have moved but at least they are stable. I’m contemplating going to a

private dentist to see if they can straighten them with a brace. Any info would be appreciated

I don't know what deep cleaning is but here in California you cannot get away with yellow teeth. When I first came to the US (from England) I was informed politely and rudely to go see a dental hygienist to get my teeth cleaned - I was the only one in the office who didn't have gleaming white teeth. So I did that. Then, to keep my teeth white I used Tom's of Maine toothpaste, it's a bicarbonate of soda based toothpaste (you can buy it off the internet if it isn't at your chemist). For interviews, special occasions etc use Crest White Strips to make your teeth and smile radiant! That's how you do it guys, believe me I've lived through the embarrassment.

I was also socially pressurized into shaving my legs! But that's another (embarrassing) story.

Are you hypothyroid? While I was hypothyroid, I had nothing but dental trouble. Since I've become euthyroid, dental health has become very good.

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