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36yrs and counting with hypothyroidism

36yrs and counting with hypothyroidism

Hi well I have replied to one post and I was advised to post myself

Well here goes I am 66yrs of age and was told I had hypothyroidism 36yr ago. I believe it started long before that in my 21st yr I had a major RTA 18months later I lost all my hair.

When my first child was born i started with lots of symptoms well known to you all, by the time i had the second child i was very over weight and really did struggle, it was the year after his birth i was told i had hypothyroidism before which i had be told it's the baby blues your depressed find some other interest pull yourself together I might add here that I paid privately to get another opinion which we could I'll afford

My then G/P put me on 75mg levothyroxine which I had no improvement so over 15 months it was increased to 300mg my stomach went mad so I started reducing it myself

I have never been given my test result and when this month I had to see a bowel consultant privately he asked for my results I told him that I had never had any I was just told I was either over cooked or under cooked or normal he just raised his eyebrows

Since 2015 life has been even hard if that is possible in June I had a burst appendix then in Oct a bladder repair , it has been a real struggle to get over that,

then thing just got worse I was in such I state I Went to the G/P I told her I feel awful it as just as if someone has pulled my plug out she asked which symptom is worse I replied everything ,she then said you should very horse we will send you for a throat cancer check. I said I think it's my thyroid can I have a blood test I was told not it's not due until July

I can only say I do not believe it, I was well and truly ready to top myself

I tried again with another G/P and was fast tracked for bladder cancer in all this time no test were done apart from urine test for infections

I find going to the G/P a waste of time I have not been touch or look at in any way

I returned in July to have bloods done ,I get a letter to say test inconclusive make appt in December

Just I bit more info I was told 12 yrs ago I have Fibromyalgia

And the bowel consultant informs me I have a prolapse bowel,polyps, diverticulitis and a excessively long transverse.

maybe more than you need to know but the bowel guy seem to think the thyroid problem had connect to some of this

I have gone to medicheck after reading some of the postings and have bloods done I am think I should get them sometime today or tomorrow so will post them if I can work out how

Thank for being there my life has not been easy with this and to realise so many are also suffering is both sad but helpful

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The Data Protect Act entitles UK patients to their blood test results so next time you have a blood test wait 72 hours and then ask your GP receptionist for a printout of your results and ranges. By the end of next year test results and ranges should be available online via your GP practice once you have registered for online access.


Thank you very much for that info


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