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Test results

Hi, I will try to be brief. Diagnosed with under active thyroid approx. three years ago, on 50 mcg levothyroxine. Breast cancer diagnosed last December, operation (lumpectomy) March, this year, two lymph nodes removed and a reduction in the other breast. Infections in both breasts for two months from surgery, decided not to have chemo, radiotherapy delayed due to infections, completed end of June, radiotherapy to the breast, under arm and neck area. Suffering fatigue, thought it was radiotherapy but got much worse. Also had zolfrenic infusion at end of September and am on Anastrozole. Fatigue worsened, partner suggested thyroid and blood tests. Here are the most recent and older results. GP requested TF3 test but lab/consulted refused on the basis that it was not necessary. Have appointment with breast surgery consultant tomorrow and want to discuss result. Any information or questions you think I should ask her would be most helpful:

19 August 2016: Range

TSH 10.8 0.3 - 6

FT4 12.9 10 - 22

Levothyroxine increased to 75 mcg

10 February 2017

TSH 2.9 0.3 - 6

FT4 16.1 10 - 22

06 October 2017

TSH 20.8 0.3 - 6

FT4 10.5 10 - 22

Haematocrit 0.365 0.390 - 0.440

Lymphocytes 0.8 1 - 3.5

Eosinophils 0.5 0.0 - 0.4

12 October 2017

TPOAB greater than 600KIU/L less than 34

(Hasimoto anitibodies confirmed by GP)

TSH 12.5

FT4 14.1

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So are you still on 75mcg levothyroxine? If so, you're undermedicated! You need a raise in dose as soon as possible.


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