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Resting heart rate

Maybe this does not matter, but I can not for the life of me raise my resting heart rate. It always stays between 58-61. Once in a while it will go to 65-66 and I feel great that day. All of this is measured by my fitbit (maybe not reliable). Even at dosage increases my resting heart rate does not budge.

My morning temperature, on the other hand, was always mid 96F before treatment. Now it is optimal at upper 97'sF.

I am at 2 grains Naturethroid as well as 25 Levo nightly. Getting new labs tomorrow. I have an underactive thyroid but not autoimmune. Also replacing testosterone. Doctor thinks that my pituitary is out of wack (age 26 male). I am unfortunately thinking that my adrenals are also not optimal, which may be the answer to paragraph 1. Never tested that yet except for an abnormally low DHEA.

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Hey Pat, i would think if it's adrenals your temp would not improve either. Cross check your pulse with an old fashioned measurement to see how acc you fitbit is.

Pituitary can mess a lot up but i still think it's strange temp and pulse are not in harmony. I actually have the opposite. No mater what, my temp won't increase. I never get a fever even but my pulse does raise.

Are you eating too soon after taking meds. Although foid would most likely raise your pulse. What are you thyroid blood values? Maybe you need to add in some t3.


My resting heart rate is 60 and doesn't move much. On a brisk walk (very brisk) I can get it over 100 on my Fitbit but I would need to run to get it any higher. Normal daytime activity walking around would average about 80 bpm.


I'm desperately trying to raise my heart rate above 45! My BP is very high and has been now for six months. I'm on T3, any suggestions? It rose and heart rate fell when I was in Greece in the spring.


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