Resting heart rate fluctuations

I have Hashimoto's, currently taking 50mcg Levo per day.

My resting heart rate seems to fluctuate quite regularly, I only know this because I wear a Fitbit tracker - so I notice that my resting heart rate goes from around 52bpm - 60bmp. What happens is it might be nearer the 60 mark for many days then gradually over a few days it keeps dropping till it's around 52. It will stay here then start to climb towards 60 again. This has been an ongoing pattern for many months. I also notice when it's lower I don't feel so well but when it's higher I am feeling decidedly better. Just wondered if anyone else had noticed this?

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  • If you are still having periods it might be one of the effects of the menstrual cycle.

  • Thanks humanbean funnily enough I wondered if it was to do with my cycle as it always seems to coincide with that time of the month.

  • Syd35,

    Normal resting heart rate is 60-100. 52 is a bit low and indicates you may be a little under medicated. Have you had thyroid tested recently?

  • Hi Clutter, you are always so good at replying thank you for that :-) Yes it has even gone as low as 49 but hasn't been that low for a while. I am due another blood test next month so we'll see what it's doing, haven't been on the 50mcg for long was on 25 previously for about 7 months, GPs don't seem to want to up the dose very readily had to push for the increase.

  • Before I was medicated I used to have a very low resting heart rate too - to the point where I felt like my heart was literally lagging behind and I felt breathless at times (very scary).

    Docs used to comment on how low it was and how healthy I must be when all the time I was suffering.

    IMO I'd say you're definitely under medicated and could do with trying 50/75 or just straight up 75 every day if you can tolerate it (in agreement with your GP of course).

    Now my resting heart rate is around 72 ppm generally and I feel much healthier for it but because I'm still not on the right dose every now and again it slips into the low 60s and I feel horrible.

  • whatevs that is interesting, I too got the comments on pulse being so low, even after having my C-section the midwife said my pulse was like an athlete's!! Annoying to think that all the time I was unwell and the thyroid issues were probably connected to me getting preeclampsia, yet none of the medical professionals I encountered ever made the link.

    Gosh sounds scary that you got breathless, that hasn't happened to me but I do get a feeling of missed heart beats, did tell the GPs but they don't seem concerned.

    Hope you get your dose sorted soon.

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