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NDT, feeling under very medicated


I've been on 2 grains of NDT for about 4 weeks full time now. I had my bloods done on 12th August, everything was in range but they forgot to do my T3. Anyway, I've been feeling increasingly worse, tired, brain fog, dizzy, very down in the dumps. Whenever I've been under medicated in the past, I feel shattered but struggle to get to sleep, when I finally do I have horrible nightmares which are really vivid.

So last week I went and got more blood tests including T3, which I should get back tomorrow, which I will post, I'm assuming it will show undreractive. Just wondering if you have to slowly increase NDT further? usually after upping my Levo dose I felt better within a few days so hoping it's the same with NDT as I have an exam on Friday (brain fog will not help!) hate feeling like this 😔. Can I change my evening dose tonight?



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Yes when taking any form of T3 then getting T3 results is very important.

Are you aware that the results are read differently? TSH will be suppressed, FT4 can drop down to halfway in range but FT3should be high in range but not over.

Post your results and the ranges for comment. When I last went over to NDT I was told when you reach 2 grains then increase in quarters or you could miss your sweet spot. I'd already missed mine at two but continued up to three but I had afeeling that one the way up I was feeling better. Test confirmed my feelings I was now over medicated but Endo told me to drop down to 1.75 and he was actually right! Going slightly over is very similar to being slightly under so becareful.



Great, thank you.

I've just rang up for my results and they are;

TSH - 0.58 (range 0.34-5.60)

T3 -6.70 (range 4.20-6.70)

T4 - 9 (range 6.50-17)

Any thoughts on this?

They also want to call me about my B12 so I'm assuming there is something wrong there.


You are so close to looking overmedicated and not feeling that good so my gut reaction is to say drop a quarter but only that to see if you can tell if any better or worse. I don't want to say the wrong thing when you have an exam on the horizon. When did you take your last meds before your test? 12 hours befor or 24? If 24 hours before I would drop down but I find myself sitting in the fence if 12 though still think a case for dropping.

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I took it only about 4 hours before my last test. Sorry, new to NDT, am I not suppose to take it the day of my tests? I'm actually thinking about going back to Levo, not enjoying NDT :(


Some doctors say it doesn't matter when you take it but it does. Take 12 hours before testing. The T3 particularly. An spike and appear higher than it really is so that will account for your reading.


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