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Is anyone else struggling to get Noriday??


After recently being switched to Noriday from Micronor with surprisingly little trouble I now hear that Noriday is unavailable too and with no suggestions at all for an equivalent.

I've found in the past that switching medication is a complete pain, not sure if it's thyroid related or just that I am sensitive to packing ingredients and/ or other hormones as well as thyroxine.

Before Micronor/ Noriday I had periods from hell and no way do I want to go back to that while all the drugs have vanished.

Anyway it seems that branded drugs whether it be thyroxine (eltroxin, various generics etc) are changed on a whim at frequent intervals which is really unhelpful to patients!

Does anyone know what is happening to Noriday? Is Micronor coming back?? Is there something else exactly the same??

I've searched on the whole HU community before coming back to Thyroid UK and looked online and nothing is being posted so is my pharmacy wrong or are they just ahead of the game (which has happened before)?

Thanks Kate

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I'm sorry you've had no replies. Contact Noriday customer service dept. and they may be able to help you or your pharmacy get supplies.

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