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Reverse T3?

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This site has helped me so much and thanks so much to everyone that helped in my previous replies. I have gone from a point of my GP saying my blood tests are normal to me seeing a private endo who diagnosed hashimoto's, and a goitre. He started me on 125mcg levo and instructed my GP to monitor my blood results for T4 and T3 and ensure my TSH level gets to under 1. Blood tests due in 2 weeks.

I have been taking levo for 6 weeks and I have not felt much change (I did after around 2 weeks, however my stress levels have increased since then due to financial matters so this could be affecting how I feel).

My question is that I have never had my reverse T3 tested. I was going to pay for it under Medichecks but it is quite expensive and given recent events I am streched financially and wondered if it was really necessary? I can't see my GP testing it! I wondered though that if my GP tested my T3 levels and they were in the optimum range would it matter that my reverse T3 levels were high?

I am new to all this and still reading up on the AIP diet, have started reducing my gluten intake and have started some supplements where my vitamin levels were not optimal. However, I am still learning!

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NHS doesn't test rT3. I really wouldn't worry about rT3. You've only been taking Levothyroxine for 6 weeks so it is very unlikely your FT4 is high and causing high rT3.

There is no point in reducing gluten. You need to be 100% gluten-free if you expect to see reduction in antibodies and even so it may take over a year, perhaps longer, for antibodies to drop.

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Thanks. My aim is for 100% gluten free but just starting out and understanding what has gluten in it so still eating gluten at times until I can find replacements or change recipes etc.

No, you don't need an rT3 test. What you need is FT3 and FT4 tests done at the same time, to see how well you're converting.

125 mcg was rather a high dose to start you on, and makes me wonder if your doctor knows much about thyroid. 50 mcg is the normal starter dose, and that high starter dose could have been what stressed you out. :)

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Thats good about rT3 as I won't have to spend any money as my GP will be doing the FT3, FT4 and TSH tests at the same time.

Yes I did wonder about the starting dose as I had a sore head for a few days when I started but tolerate it fine now. My endo is well known here in Edinburgh and specialises in Thyroid so thought it must be ok to start on that dose even though it seemed contrary to everyone else's experience here. Just thought that perhaps GP's start more cautious. But in hindsight yes it probably did put my body under stress.

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Reading your previous posts I can guess at private doctor. Interesting that he started you at such high dose

Your earlier posts you say vitamins ok, but not optimal

Perhaps get the vitamins tested too next test

See SeasideSusie detailed vitamin supplements advice

It needs to be Strictly gluten free to be effective. Even avoiding same toaster, shared butter etc

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