I don't understand tpo range?


Newley diagnosed and trying to figure things out.

Looking at recent blood test results I am confused about tpo range.

Mine tpo is 42 and the range is listed as 0-50. But everywhere I read it is listed it should be below 35?

Does this mean I have active antibodies or am I ok?

Planning to speak to doctor about this next week but wanted to get more info. Don't want to look silly if it is actually all ok.

Thanks :)

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With your range your TPO result is negative (although high in range).

You can only use the range that comes with your result, you can't mix and match with a range from a different lab.

Absolutely right.

With antibodies such as TPOab and TGab, the ranges vary wildly.

With a result of 42 and a range of 0-50, you could divide by 50, and read it as 0.84 in a range of 0-1. And that is what some labs do - they scale it to a convenient number.

As SeasideSusie says you are negative for Hashimotos as you are within the laboratory range. As you are high in range it would be worth re-testing in 5 or 6 months time to find out if still the same or any change.

Thanks guys !

Definitely get GP to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 soon

You might look at gluten free diet, it might help keep antibodies low

Definitely worth a retest, as this is a test that can have false negatives - antibodies rise and fall, so they may have got you on a low antibody day and you may get a different result on a retest.


Thanks ! I will put it to the doctor when i see him

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