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Thyroid levels fall every month

Hi - so three months ago I had sepsis and my thyroid levels crashed, they are gradually getting better as am I. However every month a week before my period I feel crap - this time my face is all flushed, I feel clammy and just not 100%. Sure it is thyroid related - as is getting over sepsis was not bad enough! Thoughts and advice welcome - thank you!

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It is natural for thyroid levels to drop when you have a serious illness. It's the body's way of slowing us down to allow time for recovery.

Have you had your thyroid levels and vitamins and minerals checked since the last thyroid test 3 months ago?


No wonder i have felt so rubish! I had a load of bloods done two. Months ago and thyroid had risen a few points



If you post your results and ranges I can tell you whether you are optimally dosed.


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