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CPAP machine

So I have just started a trial of a CPAP machine. I am really struggling with it. My sleep has gone back to being disturbed whereas I was going to bed and sleeping till 6 and sleeping all night - the machine wakes up puffing air into me or coming out if the sides .

The longest I've managed to keep it on for during the night is 3 hours !! I have a Fitbit watch and it shows that I do wake up several times during the night. Funny enough whilst the mask is on it's less . I just wander if I'm better not continuing with it and not having the hassle of wearing the mask and then physically getting up to take it off in the middle of the night. I'm exhausted 😮

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Hi, Oh how I sympathise ! I have just started using a CPAP machine this week because I can't get on the list to have a total knee replacement without sorting out my sleep apnea. If I didn't have to I certainly wouldn't continue using it. It's horrible. To be compliant I have to use it for at least four hours a night and I'm only achieving this by going to bed early and getting in four hours of wakefulness with intermittent periods of sleep before I can take it off in the early hours and get some proper sleep. I too am exhausted. I can't believe that this supposed to improve my health and/or quality of life, it's doing neither. They say it takes a while to get used to it so good luck, I hope that's true.


Thank goodness it's not just me . I guess your motivation to keep using it is your knee operation . I'm not motivated by anything other than them saying my sleep will improve - not enough though to want me to keep using it .

I'm going to discuss with the nurse next week especially if it's as bad over the weekend . Good luck with your and I hope your get to have your surgery soon .


I presume you had sleep studies which showed that you had obstructive sleep apnoea (osa) hence the CPAP machine. Untreated osa greatly increases your risk of stroke and heart attack, it is the gaps in your breathing that can transiently cause a severe rise in blood pressure and the chronic underoxygenation of vital organs. I completely understand that it is difficult to get used to the machine. Have you had any follow up as there are different masks and another type might be more comfortable for you and make it easier for you to use. Good luck



Apparently mild sleep apnoea. I have a follow up next Wednesday . Will persevere with it till then and see what they say .

Just sooooo tired 😳


Assume you have Hashimoto's?

Sleep apnea and Hashi are connected





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