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In our need to feel well

We don’t always allow our bodies the time to adapt and heal. We want to feel good and we want it now.

I made this mistake last week. Having gone over to NDT and feeling better I thought I’d increase my doseage a little more.

Stupidly I added about a third of a 25mcg tablet of T3 in the afternoon having taken 2 grains of NDT first thing in the morning. Started this last Tuesday.

Wednesday Thursday Friday I had the energy I had 20 years ago. Stripped a kitchen and bathroom out of a house I’m refurbishing on my own. Starting at 9am finishing at 9pm. Could have worked longer, seemed to have limitless energy.

Yesterday evening started to feel nauseous, heartbeat and blood pressure went through the roof, sweating chest pains and couldn’t think straight. Left it for an hour, no respite so called for an ambulance.

Thy did all the checks, ecg etc, bp was still high but no signs of any heart issues. They did recommend doctors checkup, which I’m having this morning.

I’m relaying this story to say, self medicating is ok but it has to be done responsibly, slowly with baselines and regular checks.

I consider my self an intelligent guy but what I did was stupid and put my health at risk by increasing my doseage when clearly I shouldn’t.

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The other side of what you did is that you over-exerted yourself when you had that energy burst, and unfortunately paid the price of doing too much, too soon.


Yes i wouldnt have a clue where to start with self medicating yet! But it will come but i agree with jadzhia and have experienced that as im still a beginner, doing too much one day and not resting you will pay the price the following day and the next. Baby syeps.😨

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self medicating is ok but it has to be done responsibly, slowly with baselines and regular checks.

The hanging around waiting bit is tough innit tho? Concur with other posters - part of this is because you overexerted as soon as you felt good. It may be that you need a little more NDT in the afternoon - winter is coming and sometimes we need a bit more hormone in the winter. Do you take B12? You will have depleted that too with your exertions...


Hi Repunzel,

I added T3 in the afternoon from Tuesday onwards, I think that may have put me overmedicated. Which put heart rate and BP through the roof. Other side effects of this kicked in, sweating, light headed and chest pains. Which then makes you more anxious and poof et voila, vicious circle.

I'm not in the habit of calling the emergency services, this was the first time, but felt so rough. My partner called 999.

The chest pains I think were from Fibromyalgia, but I wasn't thinking straight at the time.

I've always worked full on before this thyroid shit started, never the usual 8 hour day. So i'm not sure it was over doing it that caused the issue. I believe I just over did it on the Meds and my partner and I had a pretty toxic weekend which built the stress up as well.


What made you go T3 instead of a little more NDT ( no agenda - NDT/T3 is my preferred combo, just interested) Well now this has happened, not to say it will happen again but if it does, you know you've overdone it and that should make you less anxious. Sleeping it off isn't a bad option...

No medical training but unless you have underlying health problems, can't see this doing you any long-term harm. Chillax ;)

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The only underlying issue has been high bp, which has resulted in an enlarged heart, or as I like to call it, a sport mans heart ;-)

Theres been bouts of very high bp, I think the worst was 210/115. Mostly down to stress...

Unfortunately some of life's experiences affect us not always in a good way and changes how we react to situations. You can go from being completely fearless with boundless confidence to suddenly feeling mortal..


Agree with that....I did something similar in that I had increased from 1.75 grain to 2 grain. I had been full of energy dancing about buzzing of life initially and thought I might have turned a corner and found my sweetspot!.I ignored all the face /scalp tingling/hairloss/little weight loss (can't afford that )palpitations and pushed on to 2.5 as my temperatures were still lowish and not optimal so I thought I can't be overmedicated especially as my T4 had dropped below range (done at gps t3 not done )and was only just scraping the range to start with!Right then I should have paid for private test t3 but was very presumptuous and a complete idiot and pushed on another half grain to 2.5 and carried on for another few weeks.....Decided to get tested as the hairloss was increasing though and was feeling more anxious and crap than usual,( but hey ho..under and over medication is very similar)it showed I was overmedicated with tsh of 0.005 and t3 8.08 (3.1-6.8)!....Ironically my temperatures starting rising up during the 5 days I went with no medication to try and get my t3 down!I will never medicate by temperature again...or be presumptuous ..

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Yep. It ain’t bloody easy. Just want to get back up to speed as quick as possible. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

I suppose it does teach you patience. 😳


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