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Can a decrease in peroxidase cause a decrease in tsh levels?

Is there any connection between raised peroxidase antibodies and your tsh level? If you reduce your antibodies will your tsh level decrease as well? Or is there no connection.

Antibodies 43 just over the range. Ttsh 3.3 not on any medication. Hpylori infection and ulcer hoping when it is cured it will have some impact on antibodies. Wondering if antibodies have impact on tsh level?

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Some people do find if they are really strict on food intolerances this drops antibodies enough to return to below range - absolutely 100% gluten free, sometimes also completely dairy free, or casein free ( cows milk only) and/or nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, aubergines)

But it is unusual, most of us also need replacement thyroid hormones because the thyroid has started to fail due to attacks from antibodies


Question is will it have a reducing impact on tsh lev if you manage to reduce antibodies

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Depends if it's been caught early enough for thyroid not to have been damaged.

See The Thyroid Pharmacist website and her video series the Thyroid Secret on you tube. Some on there say have made full recovery


Yeah i have visited that site. Still wondering if peroxidase reduction can reduce tsh levels. And if peroxidase is positive is this why tsh is high. Or if there is no correlation


I really don't think that's the way it works. There's only an indirect link between TSH and antibodies.

The antibodies come in mob-handed, after an attack, to clean up the scene of the crime - so to speak. The attack could have been induced by high TSH attempting to stimulate the thyroid to make more hormone. The more gland activity there is, the more immune system activity. So, if you take enough thyroid hormone replacement to lower the TSH, the antibodies will lower, too, because there's nothing for them to do.

On the other hand, the attack will raise thyroid hormone levels because the dying cells have dumped all their stock of hormone into the blood. The higher levels of thyroid hormone in the blood will cause the TSH to decrease, or disappear all together. So, in that situation, you would have high antibodies and low TSH.

Hope that's understandable. :)


Thanks i wanted to know if there was a connection. You have answered it. Dr derm and endo all said they wouldnt treat me for anything as my thyroid is fine in their opinion. All said it isnt causing my hair loss. But my hair is so thin each individual hair everywhere on my body. The life is being sucked out of my hairs. It has to be thyroid there is nothing else and my tsh and antibodies are off.

I had hoped if i got rid of h pylori and gut healed this would reduce the antibodies and tsh. I was hoping the h pylori stomach problems caused by severe stress and weakened immune system were the cause of it all. The hair loss started shortly after the stomach pain.

I have read about thyroid problems skipping generations as well. But niether parents or grandparents have/had it.

So i am just unlucky. Not being sick enough to get treatment but sick enough to have severe symptoms is what makes it worse for me because i feel so bad and the hair loss is so bad so far and i am not even considered treatable.

This depresses me so much. I dont think i can cope the rest of my life like this. I would rather to have never lived. So really very sad.


Well, to be honest, the TSH and antibodies are neither here nor there. They are both just indicators of what's going on - as I explained above. High antibodies may cause symptoms, but I don't think they cause hair loss. And TSH doesn't cause any symptoms at all, whether it's high or low.

So, what you need to know is your actual thyroid hormone levels - FT4 and FT3. They will give you far more information about your state of health. Plus your nutrients, which are bound to be low if you have gut problems. So, you are right, in a way, if you sort out your gut, other things will start to improve. So, how are you getting on with that?

Have you had your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested? Are you supplementing anything that is suboptimal? Are you doing anything for low stomach acid to increase absorption? If you have low nutrients and low T3, you are going to get all sorts of symptoms - including hair loss. So, forget about the antibodies and the TSH for the time being, and concentrate on those.

Also, are you on a gluten-free diet and taking selenium? Those are the things you need to be doing if you have Hashi's. :)


Ft4 16.6 pmol/l 12 -22

T4 106.5 nmoll 59 -154

Tsh 3.32 0.27 - 4.2

Ft3 4.69 pmol 3.1 -6.8

Rt3 16 ng dl 10 - 24

B12 is very good. Ferritin is 50 i was 70 3 weeks ago but atopped supplementing while on h pylori treatment.

Folate the lab messed up my results so need tested again couldnt get a result. Dont think they took enough blood.

Supplementing with floradix vit d zinc selenium probiotic mastic gum omega 3 vit k e cod liver oil. Eating loads of fruit and veg.

Can i increase stomach acid when i have burning sensation still so soon after h pylori treatment. Only finished it last week. Was going to wait a month before looked to increase it.

Started today no more gluten.

If i have hashi because of raised antibodies surely i should focus on lowering them. I read gut problems cause it to raise and you should eradicate bugs then focus on diets and supplements.

I have hardly read anything that says h pylori or gut causes hair loss ane hair thinning


Is a ferritin drop of 20 in 3 weeks a big drop when supplements stopped?


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