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Anyone else relapsed?

Hi everyone I'm new here. Six years ago I was diagnosed with Graves disease and my endocrinologist put me on neomercazole. After 18 months I was told I was in remission. Fast forward until today & my Graves is back :(

My query is to others who have relapsed? My relapse happened at the exact time of the year as I developed symptoms last time (first diagosed on the 19th of September 2011 and diagnosed this time on the 28th of September) - has that happened to anyone else? Also, all my "googling" says that Graves is often brought on by a period of stress - I was on holidays both times.

I'm amazed at how quickly the relapse occurred. I had a routine blood test in July and everything was 100% perfect. Two months later I'm run down with Graves.

I must say I'm loving the increased appetite and weight loss - just wish it didn't come with the other symptoms.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi frankie I have Graves' disease I first had it about 5 years ago I was put on carbimozole.I was backwards and forwards to the hospital.Mine was brought on by stress of doing 2 jobs.Mine did go away then came back about 2 years ago again I had started another job I think the stress of it brought it back I went on medication again but they did say this time it wouldn't go away as they said if it recurs it stays with you I started the tablets again but they make you not sleep so I stopped them I did tell my doctor I'd stopped them and why.The hospital said I would have to have the op to have my thyroid removed or take rai tablet I refused both but the hospital said it wouldn't go this time.Ive had no medication for a year now and my last hospital visit was in July and my levels were back to normal so the hospital were happy for me to not have the op or the tablet and signed me off they said it will come back again just to look for the signs but I now know what triggeres it do I try and take things easiesr hope you recover soon I know what you mean about the increased appetite and weight loss lol it is all the other symptoms hope you get better soon x


Hi, I sympathize...I've had Graves for many years and it took ages to get it diagnosed! I elected to have radioactive treatment to 'kill' some of it off (warned not to have the surgcal option) and 3 months later I srashed into Hypothyroidism with a rengence, which is apparently normal but they forgot to tell me!! After a week of total fatigue (I was a Personal fitness trainer and not used to lethargy) the specialist upped my dose. After 10 years of weight gain and weight loss, cardiac storms, shakes, cramps, energy and no energy, I finally found a specialist willing to prescribe the little understood T3 (T4 converts into T3) and later Testosterone, which I was also not producing now. After all this, I do now feel I can funtion at work (I have always worked) I still have Graves, it's a liffelong disease and I've never heard of anyone being cured. I had to give up my 25 year career as a trainer and I'm now a gardener, but there are days when I'm too fatigued to do that, other days when I can work relentlessly...but then there's the cramp!! Anyway....good luck with yours, it;s a long journey and some of th especialists i've met are just too tunnel visioned to let you try alternatives, so read up on it (Dr Shomon's book helped me enormously) and don't sit back and leave the doctors to be responsible for your health. Change your diet, don't have caffiene (it apparently exhausts the Adrenals) and there are many foods you would be best not to have (kelp/broccoli in particular) and many you should have. Best of luck, I feel your pain!


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