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so i posted last week advising my potential diagnosis for hypo.

my previous results from bupa were

TSH 15.1

FREE T4 11.4

further bloods from my docs have show my tsh has got slightly worse at 16.4 they didnt advise the free t4

they have now started me on the teva brand 50mcg levo thyroxine.

i know other people have had adverse effects from this brand,

3 days in and i think so far so good apart from a few nasty headaches and extra sleepiness.

im now hoping this will help me to recover.

it certainly helps to have a really understanding boss who says if i need time off, take it, leave early of i need to etc

takes a.massive weight off.my.mind without worrying that im going to be sacked simply because im exhausted.

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I have been changed to Teva without any adverse effects.If you want advice always give the results with the ranges (which are in brackets) as labs differ.

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Very understanding from your boss! Not many are that considerate. May be he has experience of the problem or knows someone who does.

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