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When a company stops producing NDT, do you fear the next batch?

Hi All,

I am trying to decide, as the current NDT I'm on, is facing a shortage and has stopped delivery to local pharmacies. I do not know how long the shortage is anticipated, but my real concern, being new to thyroid meds and only on 1.75g, is the quality of the upcoming, and potentially rushed, batch.

For those who have been through this type of thing before, did you find the batch, post-shortage, to be inferior, weaker, or stronger than usual? I don't know if I am overreacting, as I've heard and read so much about inconsistencies in batches among all brands. I'm certain this company is under a rush produce. But I'm uncertain whether I should change companies for fear of another headache dealing with symptoms dues to batch strength.

I haven't been on this drug long, or even at a high enough dose, to claim that it's helped me. Thus far, I haven't had any improvement in symptoms, but I haven't worsened, so I'm needing your experienced input, if I may.

Thank you all, so much.


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Short answer, no. I don't fear that at all. There are standards that all drug companies have to uphold and I doubt that RLC would want to risk their reputation.

Paranoia is a symptom of undertreated hypothyroidism though. :)


The standards are far too wide, in my opinion.

I do not know for sure the current state of play, but in the USA a few years ago, it was certainly recorded that bioequivalence testing showed one make being over 12% "more potent" than another make - of the same claimed dose!

(This was after all the levothyroxine manufacturers had been forced to submit their products as if they were new medicines. Goodness knows how bad it was before.)

RLC will not want anything to detract from their reputation but that depends on how well they manage the process.

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Hi Helvella! Thank you so much for your reply. I think part of me is also frustrated that I'm still fighting swelling and fogginess....I'm going to try and stay put, keep titrating up, but I haven't seen any improvement, now this delay.

I agree: businesses, manufactures, even regulated pharma factions have wide variances that are within legal and business ethics/laws. Their reputations can still be maintained despite these allowable variances. The problem is that the variances may be slight, but just enough to alter the bodily effectuation of the hormone.

So many research reports, studies and claims report these findings that I wanted to ask around to help my decision; I so appreciate your perspective. Thank you.

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Thank you Jazzw.


TappedOut... I have been on NDT for almost twenty years. I lived thru the Armour reformulation and shortage way back when and had to beat the bushes for a substitute. I ended up ordering Erfa from Canada (I am in the US) and it was wonderful. Just like the old original Armour. Well, then Erfa changed manufacturing facilities from Belgium to Spain and the 'new' Erfa made me feel whoozy and dizzy after only a few days so... back to beating the bushes for another NDT. I experimented and wound up using WP by RLC Labs. Now, they are experiencing a shortage (go to their home page and it explains) but... I have about a year's supply on hand so can ride this out until WP is back in quantity.

You know... I hadn't thought about it before but looking back, you are right. It seems that once a company reformulates or whatever circumstance dictates a change in manufacturing/supply, the end product never makes it back to that original, acceptable condition again. hmmmmmm... RLC is one of the more reputable, honorable companies (if that can be said about any company in business to make a profit) so ... hopefully, they won't have changed anything.

By the way. Some NDT users have had luck calling or emailing RLC Labs and getting their help in obtaining their Naturethroid and/or WP. I think RLC maintains a list of pharmacies that can supply their products. On their homepage, they estimate that it may well be December before there are no more shortages.

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