When raising NDT how soon do you know you've taken too much?

Nhs consultant has prescribed Armour in place of 60mcg T3 He has said I can go up to 5 grains.At the moment I am up to 3 grains.{transitioned slowly} and feel I need another rise.He also said I would get hypo symptoms back during transition-which I have foggy brain.This has been my worst symptom all along,I really thought I was getting Dementia!It was so good to be clear headed on the t3.

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  • 5 grains? That's a lot! How long has it taken to get to 3? I would want some blood tests before raising again personally.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Its taken about 2 months to get to3. I had blood taken after 2 at the hospital but somehow the sample got lost.Not due another test until the end of July but I would rather go on the lack of symptoms and my temperature and bp.

  • This is some advice which may help you. I was quite well on 1.5 grains when on NDT.


  • thanks shaws hadn't seen that link before

  • Yes I agree 6 grains is high I have tried so many different combinations over the past 7 years the most I have had is 5 grains and 40mgc T3 but although I felt great the endo was concerned about my heart so now 4 grains and 20mgc t3 and struggling with a very demanding job I'm away at this time for 5 weeks project managing a festival working 7 till 8 7 days a week which is killing me

  • Why change from t3 only? It's the one thing I've not tried so very interested.

  • Consultant wasn't happy with suppressed Tsh-worried about atrial fibrilation.Wondered about adding T3 back in before raising NDT


  • The Thyroid Patient Advocacy NDT dosing advice:


    Might be of interest to you

  • thanks for the link TSH110

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