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Advice wanted please


My wife is currently on 25mcg T4 and 10mcg T3, but has never really felt well while taking Levo T4 with or without T3. Earlier this year I stopped her Levo for 5 weeks, and she felt much better on the 10mcg T3 (Lio) only, but at an Endocrinologist's consultation, he went berserk, saying I was trying to kill her, and insisted that she go back on to 50mcg Levo plus 10mcg T3. She immediately felt worse, so we went to our GP after a week and complained and he reduced Levo to 25mcg. Although better on 25 than 50, she was still not well, so I have again stopped the Levo, added another 2.5mcg T3, and once again she felt better after a couple of days, and remains so after a week.

My problem is that it is highly unlikely that our GP will respond favorably to me changing her treatment, given the endo's attitude, and as they usually kow-tow to the consultants, and we have another endo appointment in 5 weeks.

How I do best resolve the treatment profile while staying on the right side of the GP & consultant within the NHS, and ensuring that my wife continues to feel at least as well as she does?

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10mcg T3 won't be sufficient. You need to increase your wife's T3 dose further. 50mcg Levothyroxine is equivalent to 15mcg T3. If your wife's endo/GP test TSH, FT4 and FT3 you won't be able to hide that your wife is no longer taking Levothyroxine as FT4 will drop below range.

If your wife feels better on T3 only stick with it. Your endo will just have to get over himself or will discharge your wife.

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I agree about the dosage, but having got to know the endo quite well, I'm certain he will not prescribe T3 only, being locked into the Big Pharma/Medico establishment mode, so I guess I will have to try to source it privately.


So, why exactly do you need him?

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To prescribe T3 only if I can persuade him down from his lofty perch.


Personally, I wouldn't bother, I'd buy my own... Wait a minute! I do buy my own! Because I'm sick of trying to persuade doctors to do anything!


If you source the T3. Monitor your wife closely and go back when she's feeling best and show him your findings / recording on how your wife is doing. I look at it as who will be there to help if your wife deteriorates? Just because you are friendly with him, it does not mean that he, like many Endos know what they're doing. I'd rather ask the wonderful people on here (GreyGoose, Shaws, Marz, Clutter to name a few) always respond and are knowledgable through experience. This is your life partner you're talking about. So many more fish in the sea (Endos) but few have the knowledge that this forum has.


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