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Muscle pain diagnosis

Hi All,

I posted a while back about suffering with body pain and linking it to starting t4-t3 combination. I had only been on t3 for 2weeks and started getting body pain, I took myself off the t3 and went back on t4 meds only.

I have been off work now for ten weeks and suffered terrible body pains, neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs, bum just about everywhere on my body hurt. There was not a day or night were I never pained. I was under haematologist due to low red blood cells, inflammation and anemia, needless to say I had to be investigated and that takes time, which means your left untreated until they find a cause.

I have been diagnosed with Polymyalgia and put on steroids and will be monitored until the inflammation is under control, which will sort out the anemia. I was reluctant to take steroid due to the fact you can bloat, put weight on and ALL those possible side effects were scary, anyway I needed to try them and I have got my life back, I feel happier and my pains have almost gone, my mobility is back, I can get around the house easier and go out to the shops. My motivation has returned and I can't wait to get up and start my day, very different to how I felt last week.

I do not have a thyroid and I have researched the link with Polymyalgia and Hypothyroidism and if not on optimal meds can cause Polymyalgia but also viral infection can cause it too. So now I am taking more care of me and have ordered private blood tests to check my thyroid levels plus b12 folate ferritin, just waiting on delivery.

Just like to say "Thank You" to all you lovely knowledgable people, we thyroidians would be lost without this site πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ


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It's good that the steroids are helping relieve your pain.

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Clutter i really didn't want the steroids because of the side effects but they have given me my life back but am hoping to get my thyroid optimal because if it's not, then there are a whole load of medical issues awaiting for me and I don't want to be on a million meds just because am under medicated.Thyroids are complex and complicated little glands that causes so many health problems 😒😒


I would have been apt to try T3 only for about six weeks (I am not medically qualified). When I was on levo every muscle/joint in my body was pain, pain, pain. I was also as stiff as a board and couldn't step onto a pavement. As I reduced T4 and increased T3 the better I became. I have just realised you do not have a Thyroid Gland, therefore they should have tested both Free T4 and Free T3. I shall give you a link and look at why FT4 and FT3 are necessary. Your FT4 and FT3 should be towards the top of the range.



When I switched to T3 only I've not looked back since and I am well. That's not to say every one is the same.



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Hi shaws

I had only just started to take T3 and was so wanting to try it but I thought it was the t3 causing the pain and so stopped taking it to see if the pains stopped but it was just a coincidence, I go and see my endo in June and she will be checking how am getting on with t3 so I need to explain how unwell I have been and discuss about trying t3.

I ordered private blood tests from the link on Monday and the package has been delivered today. I am getting the plus 10 done and will take results to my endo in June but will put the results on this site, hoping someone can interpret them for me so I can go to my endo with some knowledge.

Shaws, are you without thyroid gland and how much t3 do you take ? I think I'd like to come away from Levo because am pretty sure me and Levo don't like each other.


I have my thyroid gland and some people who've tried T3 don't get on with it and sometimes it could be fillers/binders in any thyroid hormone which causes it.

We want to feel well and I was really surprised that I felt worse on taking thyroid hormones but the doctors don't understand that sometimes we don't get relief.

Levothyroxine has a few suppliers and always get the same one each time and after a while if not improving ask pharmacist for another make and give it a try.

I must admit that if we don't improve on levothyroxine, we don't quite know which way to turn next.

I am glad your steroids have worked for you and I'd check with your Endo if they can affect the uptake of thyroid hormones.

Polymyalgia sounds exactly the same as I had before taking T3.


Make sure you have had plenty to drink for a couple of days before taking your blood test so blood is easier to flow.

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