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I finally got my results


Hi all here's my blood work I finally got the ranges from my GP. I had 1/2 My thyroid removed Aug 24 & wasn't given any hormones or blood drawn in the hoispital. I was told I'm in range!! Any suggestions? I have tons of symptoms , brain fog and anxiety are the worst.

Calc 2.33 (2.2-2.65)

TSH 2.89 (.35 -5.0)

T4 Free 14 (12-22)

FreeT3 3.4 (3.4-5.9)

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Any TSH beyond 1 will cause hypo symptoms. Their ranges are not accurate at all. Also your t3 is very low. Look into ndt. Stop the thyroid madness is a great resource. Find a doctor who understands it's not about the ranges, it's about the symptoms. Don't stop until someone listens. You have half a thyroid! You'll need medication.

Absolutely @Margar I agree with what Lunation just said. Don't give up! Trust your feelings and symptoms always.

Margar in reply to Lunation

I just got meds. She prescribed 100 mcg of thyroxine. I wanted NDT as I had to tell her I was taking..yippy 2 days on it so far feeling ok. But tire at 6:30. And fall asleep

Never trust a doctor's "normal".

As you can see, the figures are all low. A TSH of that level is too high. If there is another doctor in the practice, see them. If you had the thyroid removed due to cancer, your TSH should be suppressed to stop it coming back.

Margar in reply to mistydog

Interesting. I'm wondering if I would have been better off them removing the whole thyroid

Haze1975 in reply to Margar

They try not to remove the whole thyroid if they can. It's better if it can be saved.

Margar in reply to Haze1975


The range for TSH is a range for diagnosis, not for treatment. People with a normal thyroid have a TSH of between 0.5 and 1.5. There is a norwegian study that shows this. So when we are treated with thyroid hormones the aim should be to bring the TSH down into this range. Some people need the TSH even lower to feel well. Dr Toft (one-time president of the British Thyroid association) wrote a paper about it. If you search this forum for Toft you will find posts quoting his work.

I hope you feel better soon. Get your Ferritn, Folate, B12 and Vit D checked and post the results here for someone to comment. Levothyroxine works a whole lot better when we have healthy levels of these nutrients, and having a dodgy thyroid very often causes levels to plummet.

Thank you all. I have just done more blood work in the last 2 days I will post when I get the results.Again this site really is wonderful.

Hi I can sympathise I had mine out in February stupid doctor thought it was thyroid cancer ended up autoimmune

Margar in reply to Tiredmum75

That's lousy.I just want to be able to trust one of them!

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