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Blatant attention seeking post. Please ignore!

I am sat here in an airport lounge, trying my best to be good. On the all day breakfast menu is egg soldiers πŸ˜±πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘€ As a fellow Hashi sufferer with wheat and lactose intolerances this is a hard decision to make. I had free from bread in my hand luggage but my flight is delayed so I checked that bag to save having to walk around departures with it as it was at the 10kg level. I kind of feel that a one off won't hurt and this is my reward for being awake for the past 36/37 hours. HELP. How far back are egg soldiers likely to set me in my 90% gluten free diet? I'm tired and cranky and just want a treat. Thank you for reading Ebony.

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Don't do it ebony! It's not worth if for a few mins of pleasure. Why not have poached eggs with a slice of bacon maybe or do they have any avocado? I know it's crap bring GF. Especially when you are tired and eating out. Personally I wouldn't do it. But only you can decide πŸ˜‰ take care xx


It's sitting on my table. I had the eggs with sausage and mushroom. Luckily I dislike cold food. But I've probably had a bit of contamination as it was on the same plate. Thank you Queridalady - you know when you just need someone to say something πŸ’œ

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I shouldn't think it would make any difference to a 90% gluten-free diet. You're already cheating as it is! :D


Hello Greygoose,

I'm not 100% as my father doesn't believe in gluten free. So when we go out to dinner or at his it causes arguments - so I just go with it. Pathetic as he's pescatarian! But hey ho.


Yes, I understand. Family can be very intolerant. So, enjoy your egg soldiers! :)

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To be honest if you're not 100% GF then I doubt a few soldiers would make that much difference.

I've just Read the other replies to your post and seen the reason for not being 100%. I'm afraid I'd either just argue with him or not eat at his place, or I might compromise and take along a packed lunch. Why let what your father believes dictate what you do. Get your antibodies tested, if they decrease on a GF diet (like mine did) then tell him that you have evidence that it is working.


Hello Fruitandnutcase,

I would give the same advice to anyone else. Even at 40 and my father at 64, it's an actual god send that's the only thing that causes us issues. My younger sister has type 1 diabetes, plus the parents wanting to be vegan but due to my mother's need for certain natural foods (omega 3) it's ironic that I am the one that has the 'least' medical issues! (Or at least the one that doesn't make a big issues of mine condition) So I put up with it. I actually do most of the food shopping as he they live abroad for half the year. And I'd love to but free from but he likes his certain brands. I should put my foot down but we spoil him so I'm not expecting any sympathy! I might trade him in or put him on eBay 😏. Thank you for listening and of course your advice.


Definitely ebay πŸ˜‰ I have to say, you sound a very lovely person indeed.

You could always quietly do what I do, next time he is out of the country go totally GF. Test to see what your antibodies are. I use Blue Horizons home fingerprick Thyroid 11 test, it costs Β£99 which is a lot but it gives me thyroid antibodies which my doctor wouldn't test for. I did it probably at three monthly intervals.

I went totally GF about two years ago, thinking of it as an experiment but over the first year my antibodies reduced so much that I just couldn't bring myself to go back to eating gluten now. Mind you I fantasise about snatching big fluffy fruit scones from people I see eating them at our local garden centre.

If you could do that and see an improvement then it would (hopefully!) be very difficult for your father to keep feeding you gluten. If you give it at least six months and don't see a steady fall in your antibodies then you can do whatever you want - stay as you are with a minimum of gluten in your diet or just go back to eating gluten.


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