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Feeling terrible - I am sure I am worse then when first diagnosed

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a year ago during my routine annual checkup, but was reassured that it wasn't that bad and after the six month prescription of Eltroxin 5mg I would be fine and would not even need to be checked again. Believing what I was told, I didnt bother to look into it at all and after six months I carried on with life. By April of this year I started noticing that I felt terrible; absolutely, totally exhausted and yet I could not sleep, weight gain and bloated uncomfortable feeling even though neither my diet nor my exercise levels had changed, and the panic attacks made me really panic.

I went to another doctor and we found my TSH was at 18. He is a very old school doctor so put me back onto what I had before - Eltroxin 5mg. The pharmacy ( I am in a very small town in a very third world country) did not have 5mg in stock so gave me 10mg. I only found this out a week into the medication when I was having heart palpitations and sweating and feeling very nauseous all the time and went back to the doctor and we checked the medication.

Got the 5mg sorted and also went to a Naturopath to try and get my normally healthy body back into sync.

That was in May. We are now in September and although I think I felt good for a month or two, for the past two weeks I seem to have gone backwards again - exhaustion, not sleeping, panicking and stressing about everything, moody, depressed and I feel so horribly uncomfortable and fat.

Is this how this disease goes? You never actually get better, you just keep on a yoyo of checking you have the correct dosage of treatment? I have read everything I can on hypo now and follow the diet as best I can. I try to do yoga daily even if I have no energy for a walk or other exercise, but I feel so drained. My job is quite demanding and long hours but I really try and be mindful of my life now making time for myself where i can but it seems to be a constant battle now.

I go to the doctor again tomorrow for another round of blood tests, which in this country take up to a week to process, and I will see what he has to say but if anyone else can give me advice I would appreciate it.

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Your GP should have checked your thyroid levels 6-8 weeks after you started Levothyroxine and 6-8 weeks after any dose adjustment.

Ask your GP for a printout of your thyroid results and ranges and post them in a new question tomorrow as it will help members to advise whether you are optimally dosed.

Please check your medication. I think you must mean you are taking 50mcg or 100mcg Eltroxin, not 5mg or 10mg.

Once you are optimally dosed you should feel better.


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