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NHS cost of Armour thyroid

Hi All

On my last post l was upset that l was denied another NHS prescription for Armour thyroid, l have been to see my doctor and he is as upset as me that he has been told he cannot prescribe Armour on the NHS for myself and another 2 of his patients he has said he can prescribe it on a private prescription and he will get it in for me cost price.

I today went 2 chemists to ask how much my Armour would cost it is,

100 30mg £251.95

100 60mg £277.31

Doctor has offered it to me for

100 30mg £167.96

100 60mg £184.97

I know l can persue this with pals and he is willing to prescribe this under the NHS with their say so.

I have decided not to line the pockets of whoever these greedy companies are and buy my own NDT from abroad.

I am not to sure at the moment if l will stick to Armour or try the NDT's from Thailand as they are the cheapest so l may as well start there, any advice would be much appreciated.

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As your doctor has offered to give you a private prescription, look at this page from Thyroid UK


It's worth checking prices from several of these places.

When I had a private prescription I bought Nature-Throid from one of these. Helpful and quick turnaround.

You will need to check what wording is needed on the prescription, then ask your doctor to write the prescription that way.

I understand that Armour is more expensive than some of the other NDTs, so it may be worth looking at prices of others. Nature Throid and WPThroid are less allergenic.

This page gives you the ingredients in many of the products


Hope that's helpful. If you can buy in the UK you will be avoiding customs and postal delays hopefully.


Which area and on what grounds has uour doctor been told to stop prescibing Armour



Please read my post from yesterday as l have sent a picture of the letter given to me by my gp, although it says North East Essex my gp says it is nationwide.


I thought this has been going on for years, they could prescribe but they are not covered by insurance if anything goes wrong?


I do not think this particular issue is about doctors insurance i think its NHS cost cutting

Yet theres lord know how many drugs they happily prescribe for erectile dysfunction,athletes foot etc none of which conditions are life threatening whereas thyroid is

It helps everyone if posters stick to one thread ....its a pain having to go back and pull up their previous separate postings as you loose the thread of the issue


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