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liothyronine sodium and Folic acid meds

Hi all just wondering if anyone here takes both these meds liothyronine sodium and Folic acid how to space them out. I take t3 in morning then calcium + d3 at lunch (4hours apart from t3) so would I wait 2 hours to take the folic acid after lunch or with it. As i have to take another t3 an hour before dinner so around 6pm. Thanks

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Read the folic acid patient information leaflet to see whether it should be taken with food. If so take it with lunch, if not, 2 hours after lunch.


In addition to the Folic Acid I am wondering why such a small dose of VitD ? Do you know your last result ? - sorry have not read all your previous posts .....


yeah my vit d is Vit D 141 nmol/L Normal Range 25-170


Gosh that is good. When was the test done ? - maybe you could stop taking it for a while. Why the calcium ? VitD improves the uptake of calcium from foods so extra rarely needed. Has your calcium been tested ? VitK 2 and Magnesium also needed.

Apologies if you know all this 😊


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