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Natural Factors B12


I've just started taking some Natural Factors B12 I order from the Big Online Suppier.

I usually have Solgar or jarrow but these are cheaper. They are methylcobalamin and they're 5000mcg as the others have been.

They dissolve at a reasonable rate as I was finding the Jarrow ones were taking about 30 minutes under my tongue!

Does anyone have experience of these NF ones?

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If B12 tablets take too long to dissolve under tongue they are not sublingual. I have also bought solgar and they didn't dissolve and I've complained to them but I haven't had time to take it further. The solgar I always bought previously did dissolve but not the new ones.

Yours sound fine.

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I haven't had a problem with Solgar, although I haven't bought them for a while. When did they change? It's the Jarrow ones that take ages - and it says on the bottle that they're sublingual!


I bought them a couple of months ago.


Looking on my account I last bought them in February, then when I came to get some more the price had shot up so I got the Jarrow ones. Now it seems the only Solgar ones are sold in pairs and cost about 65% more than when I bought in Feb! :(


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