Liothyronine (T3) inflated pricing

I have been taking both T4 and T3 for the last 15 years as prescribed by my endocrinologist and find that this mixture is the only way to get the correct balance in my body. I have recently heard of people being denied T3 due to a massive price hike by the manufacturers. This is totally unacceptable. I think this was also exposed by The Times about a year ago. I would be interested to hear of other people's experiences and in particular if anyone has tried to get the NHS to re-negotiate the price of this drug.

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Hi - there have been multitudes of threads on this very topic. Try searching on t3 price and see what comes up!

Thanks for your response. I have seen lots of comments but cannot find much about how we can persuade the "powers that be" to resolve this issue. The manufacturers are abusing the NHS purchasing rules to make unbelievably excessive profits with these drugs. Surely there must be a way in which the NHS can re-negotiate these prices.

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Thanks. That is how I was warned about this. I have also now found an NHS consultation which I have also completed. If you are not already aware of this here is the link:-

Anyone who needs Liothyronine should complete this questionnaire.

Thank you, but I don't live in the UK. :)

Hi Patrickh,

I am going to the NHS consultation event in Leeds on Oct 12th to make my voice heard re. the withdrawal of T3. This is the very question I am going to ask. Surely the answer is to either sanction the UK manufacturers for charging such exorbitant prices and or/ buy it from elsewhere. 100x20mcg tablets €30.15 in Germany, equivalent in UK £922. You can find lots about this online. It's a scandal!

Thanks for going to the Leeds consultation. I only just heard about this so just missed the London one unfortunately. I have however filled in their form. I have also done some analysis of prescriptions (available on the NHS site) and the average UK prescription cost for Liothyronine has gone up from £24 in 2009 to £454 in 2017. The NHS are complaining that T3 is costing £35M a year. If they carried on buying it at 2009 prices that would save £33M. Someone is making a fortune out of this..... I have also sent this info to my MP so maybe she will be able to help put some pressure on. I vaguely remember an article about this in The Times about a year ago. Does anyone know who wrote that? Given that the deadline for the decision is approaching fast maybe they might be interested in investigating it again?

Hi Patrick, You might find this link useful

Thanks. I hadn't seen that. Hopefully this means there is some action underway.


The CMA is apparently investigating Concordia's price gouging (not for the first time) but as yet there has been no price renegotiation.

Please read the thread below and complete the NHS England Consultation below.

Thanks I will investigate that.

Hi patrickh ,

If you want to get in touch with other people who are trying to do something about T3 withdrawal join the ITT Fb group:

Thanks I have asked to join.

Welcome among ITT rebels ;)

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