got in a mess I think!

hi all I need some help have an underactive thyroid and have been taking 75mg thyroxine for about a year the beginning of the year I finally got the gp to give me 100mg and 75mg to take on alternating days but I was also taking champix at the same time I got awful palpitations so I stopped the champix as they have nasty side effects anyway and went back to 75mg thyroxine then I spent 2 months sweating day and night I was wet through nowit has calmed down a lot thank goodness more a smoldering of heat at night but now I am cold lol but I cannot get to warm or else I sweat again In desperation I am now taing 75mg 4 days and 50mg for 3 days I am going to the gp next Wednesday and will get the results of my blood test then and don't get me started about the weight gain! for now I hope I have done the right thing any help would be appreciated!

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  • Hi do you know what your blood levels were when you got the increase? I tried chamois to, it didn't agree with me at all!

  • hi no I don't wont l wont know until I go to the doctor what is chamois?? cant work out if I am over or under medicated

  • Sorry predictive text- should read champix.its so difficult sometimes to get doses right. It seems you are now on a lower dose than you were at the beginning of the year when you thought you needed an increase! You need to have been on the same dose,whatever that is, for say 6/8wks before you will get a true picture but if you have been on the 50/75 regime for that long then this next bloods may help you know where you are and whether you need more or less.given how you now feel you might well need an increase but as you say it can be difficult to know. Hopefully soon you will have a clearer picture.

  • thanks I will post my results next week I am totallyconfused with it all now lol one day It will be right! its getting on my wick to be honest

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