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I've been so grateful for this forum since January 2011 when,after prolonged stress & chronic anxiety,I tipped over into a depression with panic disorder that lasted for 2 years.

In September 2016 It happened again despite being on T3.

This is an absolutely amazing source of knowledge,personal experience & support.

I want to say thank you to everyone who gives of their time to provide this help.

Admins,you are phenomenal in your dedication.

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Thank you and all of us on the forum who comment are here because we suffer(ed) and know exactly what's going on, more or less,

I hope you are improving after your set-back. Was your FT3 at optimum levels?

Sometimes an NDT may be helpful as it contains all of the thyroid hormones we don't have. Sometimes our bodies prefer a 'natural' approach. That's just a guess on my part. If you are 'thyroid hormone resistant' you can only recover on T3 but sometimes higher doses than would be usual.

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Hi Shaws,thanks for your reply.The first "crash"happened after 14 years on T4 monotherapy.The second on T3-only,following Paul Robinson's protocol for healing the adrenals.my T3 was slightly over-range.Reduced dose.Converted to T4/T3 combo & re-tested.T3 still over-range after several months.Reduced again.Now transitioning to NDT(Naturethroid)

Been on less than a therapeutic starting dose of Sertraline for 6 months & tapering off very slowly.A life saver-after the prospect of a prolonged repeat of the living hell of depression with panic disorder.

I believe my problem is adrenal-.Been an anxiety sufferer since a toddler-possibly earlier judging by reports of my persistent screaming pre-verbally.


I hope fixing your adrenals will solve the problem. If we take T3 it probably is over range as the blood tests for thyroid hormones were introduced for levothyroxine alone.


so no need to freak out if T3 6.4(3.8-6.0)November 2016 & July 2017

former on 55mcgs T3,latter on 75mcgs T4/25mcgs T3?

I lost a lot of hair on T3-only over 2 years,so decided I needed to cut down the dose,though pulse & BP fine.


Agreed! I am a lot better than I was years ago and it's down to the help, knowledge and guidance on here. Thanks everyone :)


Thanks, Naomi.


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