can i take levo at 5 am morning

i work in a bakery so i have to get up at 5 am to get work at 6am

i have been taking my levo since i began everyday at 6 am exept the days i have my blood test and that is at 8 am.

i try to take everyday at the same time the same way somehow i cant stay awake because i have to wait an hour until i have my coffee which is very very hard for me cause if i dont have my coffee i cannot focus and feel fatigue.But is it healthy for the stomach to take two pills right away when i wake up?

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As long as your stomach is empty, and you wait an hour before any food and drink (other than water) you can take your Levo at any time. I take mine in the early hours of the morning when I need to go to the loo. It can be any time from 3am to 6am-ish.

What do you mean by two pills? Is that two levo tablets to make up the our dose?

two levo tablets

That's fine then, take them both together on an empty stomach

I take mine at 5/6 in the morning. I was told to take mine as earlier as possible.

I take mine at this time with water, no probs

You don't need a wait an hour before coffee, on my tablets it says leave 30 minutes.

Thanks for the link however as it states on my medication to leave 30 minutes I adhere to this and have never had any problems with my blood test results, also my dad & sister have been on thyroxine for a number years and they also only leave 30 minutes and their test results have always been stable.

I would leave more than an hour between coffee and taking levothyroxine. However, it would be much easier to take your levothyroxine in the evening. This would avoid problems with coffee and blood tests.

I have always taken my levothyroxine at bed-time.

If you do change time, I suggest you consider trying to get a blood test in a few weeks. Some find it can have a similar effect to a small increase in dose.

If you take it in the evening, how do you make sure you have an empty stomach? How many hours do you fast before taking the tablet?

People generally say wait 2 hours after eating before taking if taking in the evening, although obviously longer would be better if possible

What about at night before bed? I take mines then. Dr Toff recommends that in his book.

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