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Have I got a Thyroid Problem ?

I am new on here & don't quite know where to start. I am a 74 year old lady & I have felt most unwell for a long time without ever really knowing what is wrong with me,(apart from old age) although I have in the past had ulcerative colitis. I have recently had some blood tests done which have come back as 'Abnormal', yet the doctor has said that everything is fine. On the form it says 'Serum thyroid peroxidase antibody concentration 156 ku/L {<34.0} Outside reference range'. If anyone could tell me what this means I would be very grateful thank you

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Serum peroxidase antibodies are thyroid antibodies. As it is elevated it indicates you have thyroid autoimmune disease otherwise known as Hashimotos. If you post all your blood test results along with the laboratory ranges, people will be able to help by letting you know if they are 'normal' as the doctor thinks. Doctors are often unaware of the fact that people with Hashimotos need to start n Levothyroxine if their TSH is elevated.


Hi, There are so many I will have to get my daughter to help me if these aren't the right ones. Serum 3 reactive protein level 8mg/L. Serum total 25-hydroxy Vitamin D level 28nmol/L. Serum TSH level 3.87 miu/L. Thank you


Was there an FT4 or FT3? Those are the actual thyroid hormones. How about vitamine B12 or Ferritin?

We really need the ranges to be able to interpret those results. Your TSH is too high, but possibly not high enough to interest a doctor! And, your vit D looks very low, but we really need to see the range to tell for sure. :)


Yes, please add the laboratory ranges as they can vary so we need to know them to be able to help. As greygoose says, vit D looks too low which is common with people who have thyroid conditions but we can't tell without the ranges.

If you or your daughter can take a photo of the results but hide any names or identifying features then if you upload it here and it will save you typing it all out.

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Welcome to the forum. You've come to a good place for help and advice.


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