My legs won't hold me up!

My legs won't hold me up!

Hi, any advice gratefully received.... Awaiting lymph node temoval and possible thyroidectomy in a few weeks. Been very sleepy and my legs just won't hold me upright. I put the photo up again just to remind you who I am. Other symptoms include getting very hot very quickly yoyoing to very cold.... Any ideas to help me through the next few weeks?? Thank in advance

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Make sure all your vitamin levels are optimal and eat well. Online window shopping for a bit of therapy??

I take a good quality soluble multivitamin with selenium, have tried to rein in the online shopping! Eating reasonably. Just can't be bothered zzzz

Well, enjoy sleeping, we don't get enough of it most of the time.

Looks like I 'll have to. Thanks x

Multi vits have too little of anything to help.

If you tend to believe that you need extra vitamins but those you are taking don't seem to do you any good then take some Orovite vitamin tablets. Orovite sachets are probably the same product, I'm not exactly sure. Apparently they used to be available only on prescription. They certainly worked wonders for me following my partial thyroidectomy many years ago.

I've been taking Redoxon as they were the only ones I could find with Selenium. Must admit the range of vitamins and supplements is baffling!

After just a few days on these tabs I felt better that I had done for many years. I cannot recommend them enough. But if they don't give you a boost within one week, possibly enough to convince you that you could run a marathon in a world record time, then it's not worth continuing to take them. Trouble for me was that the boost only lasted a couple of weeks, then I went back to feeling "normal" again.

Wow. I wish I could say the same! Awaiting thyroidectomy and lymph node removal so no meds yet. Think my thyroid is shot and not producing what I need x

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