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Why won't the doctors treat me with hashimotos!?

Recently diagnosed with hashimotos but said they won't treat me because my tsh levels were normal and that he will try to hold off on medication as long as possible because of my age? I'm 24 but didn't know that made a difference? Especially since I have a very large goitre I thought for sure they would treat it, but they just said wait and see!? That's crazy to me, should I see another endocrinologist?

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Email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article by Dr Toft. In question 4 or 5 it says if we have antibodies to start levo to 'nip things in the bud'. Take/send copy to GP for his information.

Dr Toft was President of the British Thyroid Association.


Mandi, age is irrelevant in adults. Hashimoto's will cause eventual failure of your thyroid but few doctors will prescribe hormone replacement until TSH is over the lab ref range usually > 5.0.

However, if a woman is planning to conceive, it is recommended that TSH should be in the lower range 0.4-2.0 to avoid miscarriage and ensure good foetal development. ;)


I am in the same position. I have a multi nodular goiter which was diagnosed 3 years ago. I saw an Endo who was most helpful, an ENT Consultant and have 6 monthly blood tests. My peroxidase is off the scale whilst my TSH is normal.

I acknowledge there is a body of opinion which suggests that medication should be used to support the thyroid. GPs have to follow guidelines on when medication should be given and at the present time this relates to your TSH level.

Unlike you, I do not want to take medication although I have no doubt the day will come when my GP will persuade me that it is necessary. Thyroxine can have side affects - it is worth you reading up on this particularly at your age regarding your menstruation cycle.

I try and eat healthily and exercise as much as possible. i have tried a gluten free diet but this did not work for me. Many people indicate that juicing helps tackle antibodies too.

My Endo told me if my goiter interfered with breathing or caused me anxiety for cosmetic purposes then it would be removed. I am conscious of it as I had a scrawny neck before. It does seem to shrink a little from time to time and on other occasions seems larger. Others do not notice it (!!!) I am hoping it does not grow too much in that it needs to be removed. I will then have to take thyroxine which as you can gather from this post I do not want to take.


Apart from the goitre (which I'm not minimising - had one myself; know what that's like) do you feel well?


Thank you guys for responding, holby18 sounds pretty much exact with mine, I do want to be on something though because I feel like my symptoms have to be related to my thyroid but the end said its not, I wake up and my body is so achey I'm tired all the time, constipation, heavy menstration. The list is long lol but he also said it would shrink the goitre and sometimes yes I feel like my neck is swelling and it hurts so I was hoping to kinda get relief but since my tsh is within normal range they won't touch me. It just sucks to say wait till it gets worse to treat you but most of all hes going to hold offer because my age? My thyroid was 7.51 after my baby was born and the doctors still wouldn't treat me, it has of course came Down since then


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