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Testing for Addsions disease

Hi everyone,

Last Friday my doctor told me I could have Addison's disease. Today I went back to the doctors as my blood test wasn't taken until 12.15 and was 90 whichever just falls in to the adverse bracket at this time.

I'm being tested again tomorrow at 8am has this happened to anyone else and the tests came bck negative?

Also what where your readings.

Thank you

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Have you got a thyroid problem? Are you on thyroxine and do you havd any thyroid blood test results?

Adrenal glands can get exhausted if Thyroid is not correctly treated.

Adrenal fatigue/exhaustion is not a recognised NHS illness

They only test for Addisons - this is where adrenal glands can not work

With Adrenal exhaustion, they can work but are too worn out, by stress & or illness (especially Thyroid)

Having a small baby to look after, especially if you are having to get up in the night coukd be enough to upset the system

You can help yourself by supplementing vitamin C - this supports adrenals

There is also an adrenal cocktail - look it up on google- basically orange juice(vitamin C) and salt (often Himalayan salt recommended for minerals)

Dr Lam website has masses about adrenal fatigue



Thank you so much for your reply.

No I have no other problems my thyroid was tested and all came back normal.

I'm currently having 4-5 hours sleep a night and have recently been in hospital with my baby as she was ill I then caught the viral infection and had only recovered 7days before my test. I'm hoping these things are the reason why my reading was low.

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Then you need to make sure you look after yourself and get plenty of rest.


Thank you


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