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Advice testing for Hashimotos


I'm looking into getting tested for Hashimoto's via the antibodies test at Cambridge Nutritional Sciences Ltd.

This lab was recommended by Thyroid UK, so I assume they're ok? Plus the price tag isn't going to bust the bank! If there's a better lab, or a better way to get tested, please let me know.

I'm going to email the lab regarding the testing procedure. Any member who has done this, are there any tips or advice before I do the test?


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Won't your GP test for them ? Should be routine as you probably know that over 90% of thyroid conditions are caused by Hashimotos....


Hi. Unfortunately I have no official diagnosis, although I have my suspicions that it's might be a dodgy thyroid. I've been tested a few years back (although the Drs were reluctant to carry the test out), the results were very borderline (sorry, can't remember the results).

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You could always ask for all your blood test results with ranges and then post here. You will then receive even more good advice. It is your right to have YOUR results....


Brecklandranger, the Blue Horizon advanced thyroid profile might be better value at £75 as it also includes TSH, FT4 and FT3.

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Thanks for the heads up Clutter! Kill a couple of birdies with a stone, and do the whole profile.

Might also look into getting my iodine/adrenals looked into.


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