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Hyperthyroid extreme insomnia


I just wondered if anyone else had experienced random bouts of extreme insomnia?

Have been sleeping okish, but last night for no apparent reason just could not get to sleep. Finally feel asleep at 4.30 and woke up about 9ish.

Recently had my results back and T3 and T4 now in normal range on carb. TSH no where to be seen!

Is it usual to still get symptoms like this?

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Hi jenlois, i joined this site nearly 2 weeks ago so still gathering info from these lovely people her, i was diagnosed being hyper 2 wks ago and put on low dose of carbi until seeing endoc in october!! But whilst taking i to wake in night but before that had extreme fatigue. Sorry cant offer great knowledge but im sure someone else would be better informed.😊

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Get your vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 checked. Make sure to get actual results and ranges

Low Vitamin D can cause insomnia and also messes with thyroid


Thank you both.

It's so odd because I slept ok last night, it just seems to hit randomly. I guess maybe when levels are less stable or something?

Rmichelle I've got to wait until Oct for my appointment too. Seems a long time 😒


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