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Hi I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid in 2006, since then if I get down on the floor or stoop down its quite impossible to leaver myself up again, if fact I have to get on all fours or hold onto something to pull me up, if feels my legs are not strong enough to lift me from that position, and yet I walk with no problem at all, Hyperthyroid?

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Robert, I think it is a general thyroid problem as I had the same thing when I became hypothyroid. The leg muscles seem to become weak. Mine has improved since being optimally medicated but I do still sometimes have to help myself by pushing myself up with my hands or pulling on something like a shelf.

Low/deficient iron and vitamin D can cause muscle weakness so you should ask your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate.

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Thank you I will have a talk to my doctor about the tests

Yes, I had this when I was hyper. In fact very scary at one point. My job required me to very able and would often be on my feet for up to 10 hours. However, one day I found myself stuck on the floor when cleaning the fridge out and I could not for the life of me get myself up.

I ask the consultant about it the following month and he said it was a side affect to being hyper and that proper medication should sort it out. Since then I have had my thyroid removed and to be honest my legs still don't have anything like the power they should have but I don't get stuck on the floor.

I'm not sure if it was the thyroid meds or proper vitamin supplements that helped with improvement. Probably both but at least you know you are not on your own and that it does get better.

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Thank you for replying I do know what you mean getting stuck on the floor, sometimes I roll around like a beached whale till I can lever myself up, was your thyroid overactive for long do you feel since having your thyroid removed?

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I had all the symptoms for 25 years, from adulthood really. My father had been ill with nerves and the doctors assumed I had the same. Turns out my father also has Graves' and only properly diagnosed after I got my diagnoses. My eyes started to protrude in 2008 badly and still didn't my final diagnoses until 2010 when I couldn't move as you describe and I couldn't hold anything in my hands due to the shakes. I took meds for 18 months and did feel an improvement but was told I needed my thyroid removed and I did what I was told! I wish I had found this site before having had my thyroid removed. I was so naive.

I feel for you and I had an unfortunate smile of your description which sounded all too familiar! I noticed my both the my arms and legs rapidly looked as though they belonged to a ninety year old. The hyper state seemed to break all my muscle down. Quite a shock because as I mentioned, I was pretty active and very well toned. It has taken me about 3 years to regain or rebuild the muscle. Still not as it was before.

There is no doubt that symptom wise I am a great deal better and I am truly grateful. But I believe that is due to this site for helping advice on testing for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I really believe I could have healed just as well with my thyroid still in place. As I say, I am a work in progress.

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Hi Shambles thank you for your reply, it does ease the mind knowing somebody else has experienced the same.

In 2005 I was in a terrible state I lost so much weight and my head was all over the place and lots of crying for no reason at all, I had so many visits to see my doctor only to be told they thought I had depression and they were so eager to give me antidepressants, (which I never took) not one of the doctors at the surgery though of checking my bloods, it was so horrible going to see my doctor knowing there was something wrong with me and yet he was insistent I had stress.

In 2006 I was seeing a neurologist for a neck injury, he had taken a blood test and he phoned me at home to say I needed to see a doctor urgently. I had no TSH reading at all, I saw an Endo a lovely man, and I started at 30mg Carbimazole it took me a year to get to 5mg and I stayed on that dose for 6 years, as the Endo said if that suits me that is fine, I moved to a new area and my doctor here decided I needed to come of my tablets that was last year and since then have been slowly going down hill again, trying to convince my new doctor that I know the symptoms I have been getting as I have been there before, but only to be told my numbers are in the range!! Then 4 weeks ago I arrived at the doctors with the shakes and he decided to take my bloods and as you can guess the results no TSH reading at all, so I am on the roundabout again, I see an Endo in Oct but the last one I saw in this area told me, this is how we deal with this either radioactive iodine or complete removal of the thyroid, I gather I am going to have a battle.

Finding this site has kept me sane, there are so many people struggling with the same illness

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Clutter in reply to robertlee2

RobertLee, it isn't quite as cut and dried as RAI or surgery, they can't force you to accept either if you prefer to stay on Carbimazole. Some members have happily been taking Carb for years.

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Hi Clutter yes I know it is not cut and dried having RAI or surgery, but it is a struggle trying to convince the doctors, but it is my body and I will fight for what I want

I toohad al the symptoms you mentioned ,and actually got stuck in the bath so weak i couldnt get out .memory loss couldt think straight all i wanted to do was lie down no sleep at all headaches ,depressed in fact dreadfull .all my bloods came back as normal .I couldnt beleive it .I did a lot of research started taking sea kelp as my hair went thin and my nails where breaking I also read that a lack of iodine maybe making my condition worse,the sea kelp had iodine in it ive perseverd with a multi vitamin and the sea kelp,I take 6 sea kelp a day and I now fel 100% it takes a while but persevere for a few months ,it worked for me

I have Graves and I am on a very low dose of Carbimazole as I do not want surgery or RAI. I feel like all my muscles are a lot weaker than they used to be and no amount of exercise seems to make them stronger.

Thank for your reply, yes it is frustrating especially not being able to get up from the floor and my legs have so much trouble getting upstairs, yes it is good I live in a bungalow, but its when I go out and there are stairs, I try to use a lift and that makes me feel very old, and like you they do not get any stronger trying to exercise them

Aahaah! Thank you so much for posting this! I'd thought it was just me. Pre thyroid storm & subs. medication, I'd always been strong and fit, with a very active way of life (smallholding, horses, long distance walking etc) but these days even though optimally medicated, I struggle to climb gates, get on my horse, get up from sitting on the ground, lift feed bags etc around. Things that I just used to take for granted are now a big deal - it's such a relief to at least know-the muscle loss is part of the same picture and not that I'm being feeble or getting lazy - Thankyou!

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