No action needed 😫

Hi all, so fed up, after last blood tests in may I e been on 50 mcg levo...

no improvement, very puffy... bloated massive weight gain so requested my blood test earlier (than the 3 months my doctor wanted to wait) and I've rung for my results now and apparently NO ACTION NEEDED .... I forgot to mention I'm also self medicating with t3 (tiromel) 50 mcg because without it I can't get out of bed.... I stoped taking it for 2 days before my blood tests.

I'm so disappointed I was hoping to increase my Levo because in all honesty I can't go on like this, I think I'm having water retention my hands are huge... I'm at a loss now... asked for results but apparently she 'wasn't qualified to give them' so I need to ring monday now to get a print out x

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I know the feeling πŸ˜₯ you shouldn't be self medicating though..

Some of us have no choice, I'm afraid.

This is how I feel jazz I'm left.... my doc does know I've been raking t3 mind

whathurtsthemost welcome to the forum you joined this Monday.

Please don't pass judgement on a poster for self-medicating by suggesting that's not something she should be doing. I don't know where you are in the world because you haven't completed your profile, but here in the UK these are desperate times and for some of us, that calls for desperate action.

Thanks rapunzel I'm desperate to be fair x

I'm desperate to be fair x

...and who can blame you when you return to your doctor to be told no action needed. Yet you remain unwell...he has taken more notice of your bloods than of your symptoms and that's not good ( nor is waiting 3 months for a blood test once you start your medication, but that's academic, now )

Read what Clutter has said and you may be on the way to feeling better. If you have added your 50mcg Tiromel in one dose, it is likely that which is making you feel ill, as, just like T4, T3 needs to be added gradually and wait and a little more and wait...

Although it's a toughie to read ( maybe wait until tomorrow?) will give you a clearer idea of what you may have done.

This is a tough road, full of rocks and stones and cr*p medical advice. I am no way as I was before I started my journey. But I am immeasurably better treating myself, with the help of this forum, than I was following the advice of my buffoon GP and several other expensive, paid for by me medics, each with their own agenda to push.

Good luck. Hold on in there this does get better; there's no quick fix, I'm sorry to say :)

Thanks 😘😘 I've been taking t3 much longer and was tolerating 200mcg and was coping with life, very well, but couldn't afford to keep self medicating, was ripped off by a company that took my money for no t3 and I had to ease off them because iof cost.., so I kind of came off everything for true blood results and started again, if you look on my previous posts my results r there... and that's how I ended up where I am,,, cannot function without t3!!!,

Wasn't judging but you don't know what's in the medication when you're taking it! Especially if you're buying it over the internet 😣. We are all suffering in this poor health care system in the UK!. I'm new to this myself and looking for answers just the same as the rest of us....πŸ˜— Where I am in the UK you have to pay for lab results! Self medication is not the way to go.. Dr Google is not always right!πŸ˜‰ By self medicating you a putting your health at even more risk!. Gps are often under pressure & under funded and are facing even more cuts... We will all in the near future have to pay for consultantion. More problems are predicted for all of us!

Buying T3 from a reputable supplier online is no different from getting it on;ine with a private prescription (except cheaper) it's the same brands. Most GPs know less than nothing about the thyroid and how it works. If I have to pay for consultations I don't expect to have to pay for the NHS through my taxes as well.

If someone is not getting the treatment they need to feel well, self-medicating may be their only choice. I agree it would be better to take all medication with the advice of a knowledgable health professional but unfortunately that does not always seem to be possible. Untreated thyroid conditions are serious, so you may well be putting your life at risk by not doing something if you can't get anywhere going by the normal route. Of course, you should be careful, research your information thoroughly from reputable sources and watch your symptoms. Self-medicating is not something to be taken lightly or without care, but frankly, I think you need to read a few more posts on here about people's experience of GPs and endos before making such a comment.

My doctor knows I've taken it in the past and I told her that I will continue to do so because some days I cannot lift my head up x

I'm taking t3 that I bought from a reputable pharmacist in turkey, so hardly stuff I've bought online... but I am left with no other option x


50mcg T3 is equivalent to 150mcg so you are on a combined dose equivalent to 200mcg Levothyroxine. How long before your test did you start taking 50mcg T3? Overmedication can cause swelling, puffiness and weight gain.

I'll see from my results if I'm over medicated won't I? I'll post in a new thread Monday but I'm sure I'd have been pulled on it by my gp if I was over medicated? I've taken it continuously to be honest, but when I ease off it for blood purposes the puffy and swelling gets worse , thanks clutter

You are legally entitled to your results - others here can chime in with more info, but go back to the clinic, remind them that by withholding results they are breaking the law and don't leave till the printout is in your hands

Yes I will do Monday thanks rusty

Tell GP that from now on your will be requesting copies of blood tests. (We are entitled by LAW to have copies, (in UK)). Tell your doctor you want a print-out of your blood test results from now on as you are reading up on dysfunctions of the thyroid gland :)

I always usually ask for them because I like to give my other consultant to keep on record... x

Get them results, like the others have said, the receptionist at my med practice said i could collect them in 5 days but i said i want them today a d i sat there for 1 hour till she pestered doc to give go ahead!!☺sometimes you have to bite the bullet and do what you have to do to feel better.x

Will do, they r pretty good I don't think it would be a problem x

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