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First bloods after starting Levothyroxine


Hi all

I went to the doctor's yesterday to pick up my results. I have been on levo for 6 weeks 50 mcg once a day. I asked for my result and she said everything was now back to normal! I asked for the numbers and she said oh it's not really about the numbers! I managed to get out of her that T4 was 1.4 and total was 4.8. I don't feel any better at all, I feel exactly the same as I did before I started on Levo, haven't lost any weight and still feel completly exhausted each and every day. She has given me enougj prescriptions for a year staying on 50mcg.a day and said there will be no more blood tests until a years time.

Confused and upset now and really wondering if to.just come off them as I'm feeling no different.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Celiab

This is awful! 50mcg is a starting dose. Your GP should be increasing the dose until you feel better or symptoms ease every 6 - 8 weeks. Can you see or speak to a different GP to progress matters? im sure someone else will be along here shortly to reiterate what im saying but with some science behind it! Good luck.


Are you in the UK as I don't understand those results, plus giving a prescription for a year is unheard of.

If in the UK you are legally entitled to your results, ask for a print out then come back and include them in another post so members can help.

Being newly diagnosed you should be tested every 6 weeks or so until results are good and symptoms improved, with Levo being increased by 25mcg each time until you reach that stage. Testing once and leaving you to get on with it for a year, plus not explaining your results, is a no no.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I am in UK and yes she gave me prescriptions for 1 year. I asked if I could have a blood test before a years time and she said no as the numbers were now fine!! I will ring the surgery laterand ask for a prit out. have to pay?

I am feeling no better, if anything worse- still putting on weight and still feeling exhausted and trying to hold down a stressful full-time job-it's impossible for me at the moment.

Clutter in reply to Celiab

Celiab, the most you should have to pay for results is £1/£2 to cover the cost of printer ink and paper.

Be aware that symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by a couple of months. 6 weeks is barely long enough for the dose to be fully absorbed and start working.

Celiab in reply to Clutter

Thank you everyone. I have contacted the surgery who gave me the third degree as to why I wanted them and they said would have to get permission from the Dr first! I said I would come to pick up a copy on Friday, so let's hope they ready!

I willpost the results when I get them.



Try another GP in the practice are entitled to know your own blood test results. Need to know TSH, FT4, ideally FT3 (but rarely done by NHS) and important to test for BOTH types of thyroid anti-bodies - NHS often only test for one.

Important to also get the ranges - (figures in brackets) as each Laboratory has slightly different ranges - eg TSH ideally looking for a result around 1 when adequately treated so test result would read for example TSH 1.03 ( 0.75-4.8 range)

If you have high anti-bodies this means thyroid problem is auto-immune - known as Hashimotos, the most common cause - but can be tricky to treat as levels fluctuate up and down, upsetting other things.

also ask for they could please do blood tests to check your Vitamin D, folate, ferratin and B12. All can be low in hypo patients - this can mean that thyroxine can not be used/absorbed. As can LOW stomach acid. (Often mistaken and incorrectly treated as high stomach acid)

If Hashimotos - Gluten free diet can sometimes lower antibodies and improve symptoms.

If you can't get blood tests done on NHS, can get done privately by Blue Horizon - known as thyroid ten test. This tests 10 different thyroid related things - see thyroid uk for more info

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