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Weight Gain on Synthroid , what medication should I switch too?

I have been taking synthroid for 4 months and have gained almost 10 pounds. Before taking the medication I was at a stable weight and wasn't increasing nor decreasing. I eat healthy and play sports in school.

I asked my doctor to test my T3 levels, along with my T4 and TSH. My TSH levels came back still a bit too high, and my T3 and T4 results have not come in yet.

I'd like to switch medications and have been doing research on meds. I'm not sure what I should switch too. I heard that armour thyroid is good, and also naturethyroid. What are the differences between these ? Is anyone gaining weight when on these medications, or are they losing?


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You have put up two identical posts. I'd delete this one as you've had a response to the first. To delete click on the down arrow next to Follow post and choose delete.


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