Every day is a bad hair day!

Before I sell my soul to the devil to get my hair back, has anyone got got any miracle cures? My hair is half as thick as it used to be but it's the condition that's getting me down the most. What was once my best asset is now dull, unmanageable stuff that hardly even looks like hair any more :-( I hate having to try and style it as it's so dry I can hardly get a brush through it. I have tried loads of different products and take evening primrose every day but nothing has made any difference. I am about to give blackcurrant oil a go...has anyone had any luck with it?

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  • Hi sorry I can't help you with black currant oil, but I can advise on a keratin blow dry. If you haven't heard of it,it's basically a hair smoothing treatment that lasts 3-5 months. Keratin is put on your hair and sealed in with a hair straightener. It will smooth your hair and repair it. It stops your hair from getting tuggy and makes it dry much quicker. The only downside is it is usually about £150 although I have seen a few on groupon for £50. It won't stop your hair falling out but it will greatly improve the condition of the hair you have left :)

    I'd be happy to answer any questions for you :)

  • I have thought of that before Kezz but have read they can be dangerous? I'm assuming you've had no problems?

  • Hi sorry for taking so long to reply,I've had a busy few days! I'm presuming when you say dangerous you are referring to high levels of formaldehyde? When keratin blow drys first came out this was a problem,since then companies have had to change the amount of chemicals in them. They are really safe now and you should not have any problems with them.

  • Worth thinking about if it's going to save my sanity!

  • This is a link for information:-


  • hi would anyone recommend taking iron tablets to help? mine too is shocking. thinner by the day :-(

  • Get your GP to check your iron, ferritin and folate and post your results with ranges in a new question.

  • yes I take iron, use Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner plus extra intensive conditioner once a week, before I wash hair run through overnight beauty balm for the whole night! Also use Liz Earle's hair oil on daily basis, hair feeling and looking much better. Not sure if you give blood but don't as this can harm hair - iron reduction...

  • I've actually read this before Shaws...and of course I am one of the poor people on T4 they refer to :-(

  • I'm hypothyroid but since being diagnosed with Sjogrens my hair is dreadfull.

    I have tried wearing a hairnet in bed to stop it from tangling but found a I got on better with a make up hair band at night........not foolproof but helps.

    I am trying argan oil & an elasticizer.......if you use an elasticizer comb through damp hair leave on as long as you can & wash, use twice a week.

    Have a look on ebay for treatments from salons that might help.

    It is something that we have got to keep on top of & not easy on our bad days, not only my hair my skin is very dry & now has to be treated.

    Most of my hair has gone down the plug hole. Jillymo X

  • You wouldn't believe the amount of top end products I've tried Jilly...all to no avail :-( I keep telling myself that in the grand scheme of things having horrible hair isn't the end of the world but when you're down anyway then can't even perk yourself up by looking half decent, it's very upsetting. I tie mine up at night and yesterday put almond oil through the ends so now it's just greasy and by the time I wash it will no doubt be dry and tangly again. But like you, I refuse to give up!

  • Sorry hun I had to laugh at the greasy mess it left byou with.......it's not a sexy look.

    I dont know what the answer is. I have been poorly for a few days......you know the one where you just cant function so any routine I had got myself in had gone out the window.

    My hair was matted & I had a job to untangle without ripping it out.

    This is not only upsetting but frustrating to say the least, like you I am trying not to give up but it has got to the stage where I just cant cope

    much longer.

    I have made a double appointment with my Gp for this monday.

    Jillymo X

  • You're right-very upsetting and frustrating. Most other conditions seem to respond to treatment, aren't we lucky to have a one that doesn't!

    Good luck with your GP-no doubt you'll need it :-( x

  • It's the cronic letargy that is getting me downI just cant cope with it.

    If honest it is realy destressing me I have been very down with regard to it all just lately.

    It is all so much for one body to cope with & mine is now struggling.

    I think most of us dread going to the Gp mine is like facing hitler. :-( Jillymo

  • It really shouldn't be like this should it? We are like a silent band of people that nobody knows or cares about :-( x

  • When we are so low in energy anyway it is cruel to make us fight for our rights like this.

    Nothing silent about this it's all down to cost......it stinks. Jillymo X :-(

  • And ignorance I think. The medical profession don't really seem to have a clue do they? x

  • Ignorance ! these are the so called experts, your right clueless.

    In fact i'm telling them what i wont, should it not be the other way around ?

    Sorry since this site was altered I dont know how to answer you privately. X

  • It should definitely be the other way round...they are supposed to be the experts after all!

  • Hi jillymo, sorry to hear about sjogrens. It sucks. I was wondering what you use on your skin. Mine is so thin and dry. Fuzzy xx

  • I have found that Nutri-Adrenal is beginning to help my 'haystack' hair, which got very bad directly after a course of Trimethoprim, and much worse after having Tetralysal to 'cure' the spots that the Trimethoprim caused. Janet.

  • It's a vicious circle isn't it? I still have scars from spots after taking Biotin last year :-(

  • hi, I use Liz Earle products - shampoo, conditioner for dry hair and then intensive conditioner once a week. Plus overnight hair beauty balm (any oil ) before washing and on daily basis Liz Earle's hair oil, it's lovely. I also take iron, vit b complex, krill oil and evening primrose oil. I've also just got seabuckthorn capsules for when krill runs out.Had highlights yesterday to cheer myself up (sweating over cost!) and hair looking good, so very worth it!!!!!!!!!!! x

  • I'll definitely take a look at Liz Earle's stuff-thanks. I've tried oils but mostly they seem to weigh my hair down? My iron was found to be too high so I can't even blame that, and vit B brings me out in acne (never even had it when I was young but now anything goes!) I take evening primrose too but can't say it's doing much and have had seabuckthorn before...bloody expensive isn't it?!! A friend has just told me about a good hairdresser so I'm going to throw myself at his mercy to see if he can pull anything out of the bag. I'd really like my hair layered again but it's so damn lifeless I'm scared in case it's a big mistake. Glad yours is looking good though :-)

  • A good hairdresser is worth weight in gold, may also be worth seeing trichologist (cheaper in long run!) as they have extra arsenal of support and check they understand thyroid x

  • If my GP doesn't understand the thyroid I am not holding out much hope for a trichologist! Seriously I would love to be in the room for that precious ten minutes when someone tells student doctors all they need to know about the thyroid!! x

  • You probably don't want to lose any more hair.. but a hair mineral analysis would be a great start. You're probably low in zink and silica.

    My hair has started to grow a bit better after taking Nature throid.

  • I don't feel like I have actually lost much hair, except at the front, but every strand feels much, much finer and weaker. I take Silica every day and have actually been considering giving Zinc a go. I am on T4 only and it's having no effect as yet. Do you know where I'd get a reputable hair analysis?

  • My hear was so thin I contemplated a wig. I had a blood test for zinc and although it was in range the Dr said to try supplementing. I actually tried one called "Maxi hair" from a mail order co. and it made a BIG difference. It contained zinc plus other vits. Worth a try!!

  • Damn!! I was thinking I'd def have some of these till I read the main ingredient is Biotin, which brings me out in acne (something I have never experienced before). Shame :-(

  • I've got mine and my mums from pulsescreening.co.uk/hair_a... I was amazed at how much information I got from it. I paid £48.

  • Did it make any difference hair wise?

  • Yes because I then knew what I was low in and supplemented. I take 40mg zink, spatone iron and concentrace liquid minerals every day. Hair is thicker and not so 'stringy' now. Later when I started Nature-throid I could feel on the stubble that the hair I lost was growing out again. It's been 6 months and I have more hair.

  • Excellent-well worth the money then :-)

  • Elvive do an Oil type product in a glass pump dispenser. Here in Crete it is called Extraordinary Oil. It's not actually oily and I put it on at night - it works well for me on the sun-dried bits. Maybe worth a try.

  • Iv`e always had a bad time with my hair because it`s naturally curly, Very dry, especially as Iv`e got past 50 it feels like straw a lot of the time. I blow dry it & use baby oil to try & calm the frizz, which helps, but not as much as I`d like. How I wish that I`d been born with straight hair! I`ll never understand why people perm their hair.

  • Curls can be beautiful but just a hint of frizz ruins the look doesn't it?

  • I think Grease is the word as far as my hair is concerned! I used almond oil last night which has definitely made it softer. Liz Earle (recommended by Tilly83) is next on the list, then I'll work my way the through the rest, by which time I could be cured!! Always the optimist :-)

  • My hair fluctates; now, fairly stable on PTU (which itself causes hair loss) I have thinner hair than I did originally, but enough not to feel too devastated about it. I lose hair again every time my dose of PTU is changed (up or down), or when my Graves flares.

    At worst I lost more than 2/3 of my hair and tried every product I could get hold of. I even bought two hairpieces (I think I remember that amount of money spent on cosmetics was used as a measure of "quality of life" in a research questionnaire on the effects of Graves eye disease ... but I digress).

    A couple of treatments I found that really did work were Matrix volumising shampoo & other products in that range (sorry I know it's Matrix, but don't remember whether "volumising" or "thickening", or similar) and - expensive but so worth it - Philip Kingsley elasticizer which, for me, was the miracle product that made me feel better about myself. I think you can get it on QVC, so you can try it and send it back if it doesn't help!

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