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Menopause or Thyroid!

I was just wondering what your opinions were on this.

I saw Dr P a couple of weeks ago, he suggested my adrenals were a problem and I was suffering from Adrenal and Thyroid Insufficiency. He said I had enough Thyroid hormone in my body but wasn't using it properly.

I have to say I've been feeling better recently. i'm still taking 25mg of Levo and still have a few hypo symptoms, dry skin, irregular periods, muscle/joint pain and inability to lose weight but on the whole I don't feel as sluggish or as bad as I did a while back.

So I started adrenavive and over the last couple of days I've added in Metavive as suggested by Dr P.

I only took half a capsule of the 15mg of metavive as I wasn't sure how I would react.

The last two days I have felt a prickly sensation on my skin, almost like sunburn but I haven't been in the sun. I have also had a nightmare getting to sleep I just don't feel tired.

The thing is my periods are all over the place, I'm also having hot flushes. I did mention this to Dr P but he thought I was too young 44 to be having menopause and it was more than likely adrenal/thyroid issues causing this.

I had a hormone test last year for menopause etc and all came back ok apart from lowish hormone levels but I know it doesn't always show on blood tests if you are menopausal.

I'm just thinking all these things like, joint/muscle pain, dry skin, periods etc are menopause symptoms as well.

I don't know whether it's the metavive causing the skin/sleep issues or menopause.

I've also managed to join the gym and starting swimming a bit so I think that is helping with my energy levels.

But this morning on 6 hours sleep I feel so awake so not quite sure whether I'm not tolerating the Metavive too well or if I'm not giving it a chance.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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well, they are all hormonal things - I'm hyper and definitely had some symptoms that reminded me of the menopause, including hot flushes.

Have you had blood tests ? If you ask for a copy, someone here may be able to interpret them for you.


Hi Valarian, yes had them done several times, both doctors and privately. My GP agreed to 25mg Levo as my TSH was slowly increasing (just under 4) and my FT4 was bottom of range 12.6 (12-22 range). I also have some nodules and a cyst on my thyroid and it's enlarged but ultrasound said non concerning. It's so difficult to know. I do feel a lot better, I saw Dr P as I just can't lose weight and had ongoing hypo symptoms but now with the hot flashes etc I'm thinking is it just my age not helping the situation. I've read it becomes very difficult to lose weight during menopause too.

I've often wondered if I had hashis but antibodies test negative it's just I do find I can sway between the feeling completely exhausted and then at the moment I feel if anything wired but negative antibodies and again could just be my age!!

My last bloods I had done my TSH had dropped to 0.95 and my FT4 had increased to 14.6 so the Levo had done something!


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