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T5 to lose weight is it safe?

Someone who weight trains says he uses T5 to lose weight. I know some also take T3. I struggle to understand how this is safe if you don't have Thyroid disease.

However I only take T3 now. Am I missing other important hormones? Would T5 benefit those who are under active and need to lose weight?

Does anyone have any info on all the thyroid hormones other than T3 & T4 and can we live ok without them?

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HI - there is no such thing as t5, i is t3 that weight-lifters use. And yes you are right, it very definitely isn't safe to take t3 if you don't have under-active thyroid - either because of hypothyroid, Hashis or treated Graves.


He said he had T3 before but couldn't take it so now he's on T5? If your right then he clearly has no idea what he's taking!

So is there T1, T2, T3 & T4? If so what are T1 & T2 and why don't we need them?


T5 isn't a hormone. Basically, it's a high caffeine multivit. I don't know if it's safe, but I doubt it would help shift hypo weight. It's a fat burner. Do you have excess fat? Or do you have water retention/mucin.

The other thyroid hormones are T2 and T1. And, you don't live without them, because they are produced by conversion : T4 to T3; T3 to T2: T2 to T1.


Thanks Greygoose for clarifying that for me.

Actually I've manage to control my weight throughout not sure how really and am now trying my best to stick to the Keto diet which is a huge help in healing my stomach and I've lost weight on it. I was just curious as so many struggle with excess weight.


You're welcome. :)

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T5 is not a hormone - could be a supplement. Not safe to take T3 (or triac) to reduce bodyfat while training for a show - I know lots of people do it and seem to survive, but I did and am now hypo for ever and have damaged adrenals. It's not a weight-loss drug.


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